Hello Friends,

My name is Om Prakash & I am an Engineer by profession & an Expert Blogger, Affiliate Marketer & Freelancer by passion, and the founder of this blog Allhealthybuy.

Here at allhealthybuy, I love to share my honest reviews and personal thought regarding the products that we use or consume on the daily basis.

About Us

I am basically from Jasmsedhpur, Jharkhand but currently, I am living in Delhi. I did my B.TECH from K.K. Institute Of Engineering & Management from Dhanbad.

I love to read psychology books & watch movies based on Biography.

Along with this, I am a very Health conscious person.. I have been going to Gym, follows a healthy lifestyle & Yoga for 3 years.

About My work on this Blog

Being a Fitness Freak, I use a lot of daily used products, and the result, I get from those products is the honest reviews for me. And, the same thing or result, I share on this blog. A fully honest review.

Overall, In this blog, I will not ever share the product review that is cheap or has a bad effect on your health.

Stay safe & be a stress-free life. Love you.

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