Asitis Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate Powder Review 2022

Last Updated on April 14, 2022 by Om Prakash

When I started going to the gym in the beginning then I needed an affordable & best whey protein powder so that by having that as post-workout, I may enhance my performance & get faster results.

After researching a lot, I finally, I find the Asitis whey protein powder that really helped me during the journey. 

Our today’s article is all about Asitis whey protein isolate review. In this post, I have reviewed along with buying guides so that our users like you can understand more excellently.

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Asitis whey Protein Review – Concentrate & Isolate

It is said by a lot of so-called health experts that consuming low priced whey protein won’t help you in muscle gain & weight loss. 

asitis whey protein isolate review

But, from my viewpoint, this statement is irony. I used this product and from my viewpoint, it is truly effective and the best whey protein for anyone who is a beginner, intermediate or at an advanced level.

Let’s straight dive into our product review.

Quality of protein:

Needless to say, the quality of this protein powder is superb. It is manufacturing in the process of cold processing. This is a 100 % vegetarian product.

Along with that, to check the authenticity of this powder, it should be approved by the laboratory. After that, it is ready to send globally.

To maintain its nutritional value and properties, the brand doesn’t add any kind of preservatives, additives, maltodextrin, yeast, gluten &  artificial flavours. Even, we can see a single ingredient that has been mentioned on this package.

The great thing is, the company provides a QR code or a type of scratch code on the packet of products. We can scan with a smartphone to check whether it is original or not. 


It is a crucial point to check whether this protein contains a good amount of nutritional value, protein amounts & BCAA or not.

No matter how expensive a protein is, it will bea worse product if it doesn’t have a good ratio of protein content and amino acids in one serving size.

This Asitis protein powder tends to be high quality. If we talk about the protein quantity and amino acids that are presented in the product then these are:

  • Total 33 serving sizes of protein.
  • 1 scoop – 27 grams of protein.
  • BCAA in 1 scoop – 5.9 grams.

Suitable for:

As a matter of fact, anyone can consume whey protein powder to complete daily protein intake, in the process of weight loss and muscle gain and improve overall health & stamina.

But, It is advised by the company to not use this protein powder in certain cases such as:

1. If you are lactose intolerant.

2. Pregnant & lactating women.

3. A person who is in a medical condition. 

However, If you are in any above conditions then before having any kind of whey protein, you should consult to health experts.

In A Scoop:

After working out from the gym, we usually consume whey protein as post-workout to recovers & regrowth muscles and get energy. 

In that case, it is advised by experts that in the post-workout, protein amounts should be between 25-30 grams for better support.

Asitis protein of 1 scoop contains:


27 Grams


5.9 Grams


0.5 Grams

Scoop serving size

30 Grams


12.19 Grams


0.3 Grams


0 Grams

Mixability & Digestion:

Due to the high-quality protein, It can easily be mixed with water & doesn’t form any lumps.

Besides, The digestive enzymes are not added in this whey protein however as for me, I have used this product and it doesn’t make your stomach bloated. 

If you are having digestion problems then the good way to have whey protein is along with some carbohydrates and fibres.

Flavours & Taste:

As I explained to you above that this protein doesn’t contain any type of artificial flavours or sweeteners. Due to that, it is unflavored.  If we talk about the taste of this product then it tastes like unsweetened milk.

Even though this product is unflavored, you can make your protein shake delicious. There are a lot of protein shake recipes videos available on YouTube.

Asitis Whey Protein Review – Pros n Cons

  • 27 grams of protein & 5.9 grams of BCAA
  • No artificial flavours & sweeteners
  • Approved from laboratory
  • No sugar, No gluten & No yeast
  • Available at affordable cost
  • Provide faster results during weight loss and gains
  • Manufacture with double filtration and cold process
  • The only single ingredient is available
  • Provide QR codes to check the authenticity
  • Vegetarian product
  • Some people might face indigestion problems
  • Not Found

Few Word Before Wrap Up

Whether you are a gym-goer or a 9-5 job person, Whey Protein can be consumed by anyone. 

As we all know that whey protein has a lot of health benefits such as muscle gain, weight loss & muscular recovery.

But, It majorly helps in full fill of daily protein intake. It is said by a lot of health experts, that your daily activity is moderate intensity having said that your body needs [1 X your body weight] gram protein.

Suppose your body weight is 75 kgs. You have to consume 75 grams of protein daily.

Whey Protein is the best & cleanest form of protein. Whether you are a student or intermediate level gym goer, you can have this as-it-is whey protein.

In this post, I have explained asitis whey protein isolate review. What do you think about this whey protein? 

Asitis Whey protein review – FAQs

Q. Is this whey protein powder best for beginners?

For sure. I used this when I started going to the gym. Due to the quality of protein and its price, it is quite good and suitable for a beginner.

Q. Can we make this protein powder flavourful?

Even if this whey protein doesn’t come with any kind of flavour, we can mix it with milk and juices. Besides, chocolate syrup, honey and coffee can be used to make them tastier.

Q. How to check whether the product is original or not?

To check the authenticity of the product, the company sticks a kind of QR code or code no. You can scan or add the no on the website of protein powder to check the authenticity.

Q. Can we use this Asitis protein in weight loss journey?

Yes, you can use this protein to lose or gain your weight or muscles. Although, during the weight loss, Isolate works more effectively than concentrate.

Q. Are there any side effects of consuming whey protein?

2 scoops a day would be a fine for person. But, if you are consuming excessively then it can start affecting your health such as digestion problems, vomiting and dizziness.

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