How To Use Aloevera Gel On Face At Night – Effective Way – 2022

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Do you know the benefits of aloe vera & along with how to use aloevera gel on face at night? If no, then don’t worry my friend. 

Because in this post I am gonna tell you about the aloevera, its benefits and side effects, best way to apply on skin and some FAQs. 

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Overview – The Aloe vera 

The scientific name of aloe vera is Aloe Barbadensis miller and Ghrit Kumari in Hindi. Aloe vera is a type of medicinal plant, which is commonly found in India and even, it is easily available at everyone’s home. 

Aloevera overview what is aloevera the

Aloe vera contains several types of medicinal properties & nutrients. Also, the amount of liquid present in this plant is approximately 85-90%. Even  Aloe vera is said to have healing properties In Ayurveda & modern science.

Do you know? Which all nutrients are found in this plant. Let’s have a look at these.

what does aloe vera contain?

Since we all know that aloevera is a medicinal plant then obviously, there are so many types of nutrients or contents that will be present in this plant. There are:

Vitamin A, B, C, E & B-12, Amino acids, Antioxidants, Fibres, Enzyme, Minerals, Choline and many more.

Did you notice? Because of these ingredients aloevera has considered as medicine. Whatever the ingredients are present in it, all are useful in the manufacturing of medicine, beauty or skincare products.

Even these days, Sanitizers & handwash have aloevera as ingredients in high amount. Isn’t it an astounding gift we received from the nature?

Benefits of aloevera on skin 

Benefits of aloevera on face at night .jpg

When it comes to taking care of our skin as well as face, aloevera is considered as an all-rounder. Due to its properties, it can fix any problem related to skin. Let us know the benefits.

1. Moisturizers for dry skin

2. Fix pimples & acne

3. Recovers sunburn

4. Has inflammatory properties

5. Heals skin wounds & cuts

6. Cure fungal infection

7. Remove Dark circles & blackspot

8. Ride from heat rash & skin itching

9. Clear dead skin cells

10. May remove scars as well

11. Treat oily & dry skin. & Many more

These were some benefits of aloevera on skin. Apart from skin, it has amazing benefits for our health such as – it reliefs in constipation, reduce blood sugar level, improve digestion & immunity too, good for heart health and may work in weight loss journey & avoid hair fall.

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When to use aloevera gel in skincare routine

When it comes to using aloevera in our daily routine then we must know the right time to use aloevera gel. 

Many health experts strongly suggest. they say, using aloevera gel at the night before sleeping. Because, by doing this you will get the maximum benefit from this herbal plant. 

Along with all this, how aloe vera should be used is also an important factor. Want to know how to use aloevera for skin purpose then keep reading the post.

How to use aloevera gel on face at night

A. If you have an aloevera plant in your home then here’s  the process:

1. Take 7-8 centimetres long aloe vera steam.

2. Cut the sides of steam.

3. Remove the green part of steam which is at the bottom.

4. Peel the front & back sides of cover.

5. Now you will get the aloevera gel.

6. Massage on your face with gel for 3-4 minutes.

7. After that, you will see a layer is created on whole face and get it dry.

8. Go to sleep.

9. In the morning, wake up & wash your face with facewash or fresh water.

10. You are done. 😄

B. If you are using an aloevera product then here’s the step by step:

1. Take desired amount of aloevera gel on your hand.

2. Massage and make a layer on your face.

3. Afterwards, get it dry And go to sleep

4. Wash your face in the morning.

Note: Before applying aloevera gel, clean your face with facewash.

Final words 

Aloevera is a medical plant & also it works as a medicine in skin & internal health problems. It has healing properties & good fragrance.

As for me, I daily use this product for skincare & health care. Even, I start my day with aloevera juice rather than tea or coffee. 

Don’t use excessively. Even, the good thing may cause the problem. Along with this, Must plant the aloevera at your home, it will save your money too.


Q. How to use aloevera gel for pimples & dark spots?

Directly apply the gel on dark spots, acne & pimple. By doing this you will surely get ride from these problems within 3-4 days.

Q. Can I leave aloe vera gel on my face overnight?

Certainly. Because this is the effective way to use an aloevera for skin care. It works in all types of skin problems.

Q. Best aloevera gel for face?

The gel which we get from the aloevera plant is considered as natural & effective aloevera gel. However, you can go with popular brands product such as – Patanjali, Dabur, Mamaearth, khadi organique.

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