10 Best Foot Massager In India – Reviews & Comparison

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Here I will recommend you the best foot massager products that would be durable, high performance and pocket friendly too.

Along with the best recommendation, I am going to share every information about a foot or leg massagers such as –

  • About Foot and leg massager machine.
  • Types of leg massager & foot massager.
  • Buying guides.
  • Pros n Cons.
  • And, FAQs.

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What is a Foot massager?

Basically, In short words, A foot or leg massager is a device that is used to massage the leg muscles. By using this device, we can eradicate the pain, fatigue & tension from the leg muscles.

The leg massager is a device that can massage from upper to lower leg muscles including the sole. 

Whereas, the foot massager can cover only feet, ankles and soles. 

The leg massagers are high priced compared to foot massagers but the most important thing is, there are several types of massage functions and modes that can be installed in both devices.

Keep reading the post to know more.

Best Foot Massager In India 2022 – Updated List

Choosing a well made and best performance foot or leg massager is not an easy job for us. Even, there are a lot of companies are available in the Indian market who can misguide us with their cheap product.

In order to provide an authentic list of products to our readers, we have researched a lot on the internet. Let’s straight dive into our first product.

Lifelong LLM 99 Foot, Calf and Leg massager

One of the best leg massager in India on this list includes Lifelong LLM 99 which is very well built, high performance and durable. 

Lifelong LLM 99 Foot Calf and Leg massager

If we talk about its power source, it works with electricity and the build quality of this massager is strong and stable due to the ABS plastic and TPR.

In terms of performance, there are 4 powerful & noiseless copper motors of 80 W is installed in this device that is able to perform efficiently.

It has 4 kinds of massage functions. These are Vibrating, Rolling, Heating & Kneading massaging techniques. 

These massaging modes help in relieving muscle soreness & tension, Targeting the acupressure point, Increasing the blood circulation in our leg and reducing stress. 

This machine is designed ergonomically. Thereby, it is able to target around the leg (below the knee) with the provided massaging functions. By keeping in the mind of user’s comfort, The space where we have to put the leg is also designed ergonomically.

In the console of the machine, the LCD and all controlling keys are provided. For enhancing the comfort & users experience, the 3 Auto and personal programs are pre-installed.

  • 4 durable copper motors
  • ABS build quality
  • 4 massaging functions
  • 15 minutes Auto shut off
  • Ergonomic design
  • LED Display and easy touch buttons
  • 4 flexible kneading disks
  • Targets the sole acupressure points
  • Adjustable seating
  • Item weight is 10 kgs
  • Removable & washable fabrics
  • 1-year warranty
  • The heating option provides too low heat
  • The vibration mode is bit noisy

Robotouch Classic Leg, Foot & Calf Massager

Do you want to look for a foot massager that helps in relieving fatigue, muscle tension and leg muscles pain? then you have to look at the Robotouch classic massager.

Robotouch Classic Leg Foot & Calf Massager

This aesthetic look foot massage with 40 high-quality airbags pre-installed. Along with this, the 5 massaging functions with foot rollers and carbon fibre heat therapy functions are available in the machine to stimulate and relax the leg muscles. 

In the hygiene aspects, it comes with an attachable and detachable fabric cover with zip. If the cover is dirty then all you have to do is, remove and clean it. After that, when it is dry, just attach it to the leg pocket and done.

The self-weight of this item is 21 kilograms. To enhance comfort, it has inbuilt 7 auto function programs. In the console of this machine, all helpful buttons along with massaging modes buttons are given. By using the button, you can change, set or increase the intensity. 

  • Carbon fibre materials are used
  • 40 powerful airbags
  • Carbon fibre heating function
  • Satisfying yellow coloured design
  • 5 massaging modes function
  • Foot rollers are offered
  • Increase blood circulation
  • 3D massage therapy to minimise knee pain
  • Removable and washable covers
  • One year warranty
  • More massaging functions should have been added
  • Not low in price

JSB HF04 Leg, Foot & Calf Massager

Our next product in the list of best foot massagers in India includes JSB HF04 which is quite suitable for the elderly, runners & athletes. It is designed with attractive blue and white colour and has amazing pain relief techniques.

JSB HF04 Leg Foot & Calf Massager

The 4 Powerful & Durable Copper Motor has been installed in the machine to provide an efficient experience to the customers.

If we talk about the massaging functions of this machine then it comes with 3 modes of massage. Besides, the foot reflexology massage and the human hand kind like pressing function works very efficiently. 

The all massaging functions are: Kneading, vibrating+ foot rollers + Heat massage. This device can be reclined upto 45 degrees.

Due to these functions, the machine is able to eradicate the leg muscle and knee pain, increase blood circulation, lower stress & fatigue and makes the person’s mood calm & happy.

This machine is quite suitable for elderly, housewives, normal age people or someone who is fond of running on the treadmill to lose weight or energies their mind and body.

By keeping the features of this machine in my mind, I reckon, Gifting this product for grandparents or parents would be a superior option.

  • 4 heavy-duty & superior performance motor
  • Reclined upto 45 degree
  • Interesting blue and white colour design
  • Foot reflexology
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Human hand like pressing function
  • Heat function is added
  • 15 min auto shut off
  • 3 levels of speed intensity
  • Suits for all age person
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not Found

Agaro Rejoice Foot, Calf & Leg Massager

Our next product includes Agaro. The design of this massager is pretty much similar to Dr physio. 

Agaro Rejoice Foot Calf & Leg Massager

Let us know the features.

This foot massager comes with 80 watts of 4 powerful and long-lasting copper wiring motors to perform smooth, efficiently and may save some energy.

To provide more comfort and relaxation to users, it features 3 automatic and manual massage modes. You can set the mode by just touching the button in the console. This massager can tilt upto 45 degrees.

Interesting, the heat massaging function is added to this machine that can provide upto 40 degrees of heating during the massage. This function will quickly help a person to get relaxed.

Overall, 3-4 types of massaging technology have been installed that will surely help in stimulating the leg muscles, increasing the blood circulation, minimising the stress and swinging the mood and Rejuvenating the tired legs.

  • 4 Powerful 80W copper winding motor
  • Detachable and cleanable covers
  • Heating massaging functions upto 40 degree
  • 15 min Auto shut off
  • Reclined upto 45 degree
  • 3 auto & manual massage modes
  • Light weight and portable
  • 2 LED in console to check modes & timings
  • Affordable price
  • 1-year warranty
  • Less impacts on calf muscles

Amazon Basics Legs & Foot Massager

Our next product includes Amazon basics leg massager that tends to be sturdy and the behaviour is superior. The design of this massage is quite similar to other brands of massager.

Amazon Basics Legs & Foot Massager

If we talk about the specifications, it is designed in such a way so that it can massage your calves, ankles, feet and sole. Heating massaging functions are also added to this massager.

It comes with vibrating intensity and along with heating mode, 3 more massaging modes are provided to provide full relaxation to your leg. 

In the console, all the controlling buttons along with 3-speed intensity button is given so that you can choose and set speed or massaging modes with ease.

It is advised by the brand that doesn’t use the product for long hours. Although, it offers 15 minutes auto shut off.

  • Sturdy design
  • Can cover calves, feet, ankle & sole muscle
  • 15 min auto shut off
  • Offers 3 speed level for vibration effect
  • 3 other massaging modes are provided
  • Portable device
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not provided the information about the product in Detail
  • Not given the names of massaging modes.
  • Build quality material & motor type are missing

JSB HF05  Leg & Foot Massager 

Our next product is best leg massager for pain relief and minimising fatigue. Yes, we are talking about the JSB HF05 which is quite a popular leg massager. 

JSB HF05  Leg & Foot Massager

In terms of the functioning of this device, it is equipped with 2 long-lasting & heavy-duty copper wiring motors to provide a thorough massage & stimulation around your legs.

With help of the reclining function on this massager, it is able to recline upto 45 degrees. Due to this function, we can enjoy the massage by either sitting on the chair or sofa.

Speaking of its build quality, it tends to be durable because the body of this massager is built of ABS plastic to enhance the life of the machine.

It offers 3 modes of kneading and 3 modes of vibrating, Reflexology and back & side calf massaging functions. All these massaging functions help in improving blood circulation, targeting acupressure points to lower the stress and fatigue, arthritis and revitalizing the tired leg muscles?

It is suitable for every age person such as housewives, a person who works 9-5 job, elderly, athletes and runners.

  • Sturdy ABS build quality
  • 2 copper wiring Powerful motor
  • The console is equipped on the machine
  • 3 – 3 kneading & vibrating modes
  • Recline upto 45 degrees
  • Provide efficiently massage
  • 3-speed intensity levels
  • 15 minutes Auto shut off
  • Good customer response
  • Budget-friendly
  • Aesthetic design
  • 1 year warranty
  • More massaging functions should be added
  • Calf massaging may not affect properly

HealthSense LM 310 Foot massager

The HealthSense LM 310 Foot massager is our next recommendation because it is offering wireless operation. In other words, you can customise or control the foot massager by using the remote.

HealthSense LM 310 Foot massager

If we talk about durability, it is made of sturdy, high quality and skin-friendly ABS plastic to enhance the life of the machine. It is able to provide stability and support user leg weight.

The copper wiring heavy-duty motors are equipped to provide the comfort and superior performance. This well-built motor is able to work with making any noise.

It can easily be rotated with help of a swivel stand which is attached at both sides of the machine. You can use the machine by just sitting on either chair, sofa or bed. 

Now, rotate the device with help of a swivel in such a way that you may get efficiently massaging of your leg. Along with the foot, it can help in relieving the calf and arm muscles.

The 3 Auto and 3 manual modes operation are provided, 4-grade massage and 3 massaging techniques include Shiatsu, Reflexology & acupressure help in eradicating the muscle soreness, target on acupressure points, stimulate the tired muscle and increase the blood circulation.

  • 45 W Powerful motor
  • 3 Auto and 3 manual massaging modes
  • It can be rotated in 360 degree
  • A Blue LED screen is provided on the machine
  • 2 Shaiatsu pads + 2 rollers + 2 accu points
  • Touch buttons and a wireless remote control
  • Durable ABS plastic material is used
  • 3-speed intensity adjustments
  • 15 min auto shut off
  • Very light weight and portable
  • 1-year warranty
  • Heating and kneading function does not work so effective

Dr Physio Powerful Electric Foot massager

The Dr physio foot massager performs with the help of pre-installed massaging technology. 

Dr Physio Powerful Electric Foot massager

This device is made of high-quality ABS for proving durability and stability. In terms of comfort, it is designed ergonomically.

The 4 long-lasting and heavy-duty copper wiring motor is equipped in the machine that is able to perform very efficiently without getting heat. 

Besides, it is noiseless and during the performance, it remains stable. On the other hand, the cheap quality of the motor starts shaking when the machine is in use.

To provide the spa like experience or enhance the comfort of the user, there are 6 types of massaging functions that are pre-installed. 

Along with this, the 4 flexible kneading discs and 3 massaging modes are equipped that are able to relieve the user from leg muscular pain, target acupressure points, provide a heat massaging therapy and reduce stress & fatigue.

In the panel, you can customise or set the speed intensity, direction of massaging, modes of massage and on/off of the machine. 

  • ABS built material of massager
  • 4 Powerful & noiseless motor
  • Customize your experience in cpanel
  • 6 massaging functions & 3 massaging modes
  • Shiatsu warm therapy features
  • Removable and washable covers
  • 15 min auto shut off
  • 1-year warranty
  • For calf massage, it is not so effective.

JSB HF06 Foot, Calf and Leg massager

Who doesn’t want to look for a massager that has a superior performance motor, a lot of amazing massaging functions and a sturdy build quality? 

JSB HF06 Foot, Calf and Leg massager

In that case, the JSB HF06 will be a smart option for buyers like us. This fanciable & appealing machine is made from rubber material. 

Speaking of its potential and massaging functions, it offers air compression, heating functions, equipped foot rollers & air compression massage. 

These massaging technologies help: 

  • Increasing the blood flow, 
  • Effective in varicose veins and arthritis
  • Relieves stiffness of your joints and leg Impact the pressure around the legs.

To enhance the comfort of the user, the upper part of the massager is flexible and can rotate to target the upper calves muscles. Along with this, it can be reclined upto 45 degrees.

  • Easy to operate this device
  • Reclined upto 45 degree
  • Detachable and cleanable foot covers
  • Upper part is flexible and can rotate
  • Rubber quality material
  • Heating massage therapy
  • Design seems like a small robot
  • 15 min auto off
  • 1 year warranty
  • Price may be high for some users
  • Item weight is high. Thereby, it is not portable
  • A lot more massaging functions and features should be added as per the price

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine

When it comes to looking for a foot massager that actually provides superior comfort to our leg muscles by using Shiatsu heating massage then our next product is RENPHO Foot Massager.

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine

It includes a lot of massaging functions such as rolling, kneading, shiatsu, squeezing & scraping that will help you in super targeting your tired leg muscles to reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Heat therapy with the squeezing massaging function provides a superior relaxation to your leg muscles and makes your mood very happy.

In the aspects of hygiene, it comes with washable fabric leg covers. When it is dirty,  just simply detach the covers and wash. Furthermore, when it is dry then you are ready to attach to the foot pockets.

In the console, you can change or set the speed intensity, mode of massage, heat & power on or off of the machine. Besides, due to this design, this machine is portable.

  • 3 + 3 kneading & squeezing massaging functions
  • Detachable and washable covers
  • Its weight is 3.8 kgs
  • Shiatsu heat therapy option
  • 15 minutes Automatic shut off
  • Comfortable upto men size of 12
  • Pre-installed 4-5 massaging technology
  • Touch buttons are provided in the console
  • Not detailed about the warranty
  • May produce very little noise while running
  • For durability, abs plastic should have been used

These were the list of best foot massagers in India that are available at affordable prices. Besides, these include a lot of massaging actions and functions to enhance your comfort to the next level.

benefits of foot & leg massager machines

There are a lot of health benefits of leg massager apart from reducing pain and tiredness.

benefits of leg massager machine

Let’s straight dive into the benefits.

1.  Increase Blood Circulation:

After a hectic day, our legs get tired. Thereby, the blood circulation of the leg can be lower. In that case, massaging our feet with help of leg massager must be helpful for our legs.

Along with improving blood circulation, it can reduce your muscles stiffness and make your feel relaxed. 

2. Lower the muscle soreness:

After performing intense leg workouts at the gym or running on the treadmill for a long time, It is very normal to have muscle soreness in leg. In that case, applying oil on leg doesn’t help you a lot. 

In order to faster recovery of muscle, you can set the modes of massaging functions and enjoy the experience provided by the machine.

3. Lower the stress & make us feel happy:

Due to the busy lifestyle, having a stress is a very common problem. As a matter of fact, stress can affect your physical and mental health.

In that case, the leg massager machines are very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. They provide a warming & soothing experience to your leg. Thereby, your stress will start lowering & it can make your mood happy & relaxed.

4. Targets Acupressure points:

Most of the treadmill comes with acupressure massaging functions that provide superior comfort to your leg. By Targeting acupressure points on the sole, provides a lot more benefits such as relaxing and reducing the muscle tension and stiffness, making the mood happy, increasing your blood circulation, feel you sleepy and recovering your muscle in the best way.

5. Comfortable for elderly people:

Elderly people such as our grandparents and parents often feel pain in their joints, ankle & leg muscles. In order to get them relaxed, a leg massager can be a great option because it tends to reduce any type of pain or muscle stiffness in the leg.

But, firstly they should take advice before using this massager. Similarly, if a person has arthritis or is in any medical condition, they must consult to a doctor.

6. Promotes better sleep:

By using a leg massager machine, we can make our body relax and improve the sleep quality. Speaking of massage, any kind of massage can make you feel comfortable. By the way, the leg massager machine works superior in that case.

7. Makes you feel a Spa-like experience:

Having a leg massager in our home can save your time & money too. Although, it won’t make you feel your whole body relax. In the aspects of leg massage, you may surely feel that you are having a leg massage in any Spa.

There are some massaging techniques are provided in the leg massager such as shiatsu, leg Reflexology & airbags pressure massaging. All of these are able to work properly.

These were the benefits of the best leg massager in india that must have surprised you. What do you think regarding this?

Keep reading the post to know more about it.

Foot Massager Buying Guide 2021

To purchase a durable and well performance foot or leg massager, all you have to do is understand the all buying guides points which have been listed by me below.

Massaging Actions Of Foot Massager

There are many types of massaging actions that are pre-installed as a feature in this device. Let’s have a look at some actions or techniques of massaging.

1. Acupoint Massage:

Acupoint massaging is a very effective technique for massaging. Also, it provides great comfort to our feet and relaxes the mind.

In this technique, it applies pressure on every acupressure point of the feet. Even, it stimulates and relaxes our leg muscles, reduce stress, & make us feel happy and increase blood circulation.

2. Air pressure massage:

Air pressure massaging is an advanced technique that is provided as a feature in very special types of leg massagers.

In this action, it targets by the pressure of air in calf, ankle, thigh & sole. Overall, it covers the full area of legs. 

The benefits of this action lower the soreness and fatigue in almost every part of the legs and fall you asleep.

3. Shiatsu Massage:

Shiatsu is basically a Japanese  Massaging technique. Even, it is considered as the most effective technique in massaging.

This technique relaxes the upper as well as lower part of the leg by using heating, kneading and acupressure points massaging. It will reduce the tiredness of your leg & make your mood relaxed. 

The mostly target zone of this technique is on the calf area however, overall it relaxes legs too.

4. Oscillating Techniques:

The oscillating technique targets every area of muscle on back and forth effect. Thereby muscles get relaxed properly. It makes you feel that you are enjoying massaging in the spa.

5. Kneading & Vibrating Techniques:

The kneading technique massages your legs by kneading effect and super targets on the middle part of the feet so that leg muscles could relax properly. It will reduce the soreness too.

Whereas, the vibrating technique will give you a vibration effect on your legs with massaging. Thereby it can reduce any type of muscle soreness. 

From my viewpoint, it will be very helpful for the person who is fond of gymming, running and cycling.

These were some cool massaging techniques of the leg massager. All of these technologies have been designed by experts in such a way that they could relax leg muscles with different actions. 

2. Weight, Size & Portability

As we all know that high range products have amazing features and even different massaging actions are pre-installed but the one main thing is, these come big in size and heavy in weight.

If you have to use a leg massager in the same place every time then a big machine can be a great choice.

But, if you are looking for a device that is portable and can be carried from one to another place then the best option would be – leg massager with lightweight and small in size.

3. Target zones of leg massager

By the way, different types of foot massagers have different types of massaging techniques but the main and very important thing is the target zone. 

Many types of leg massagers are designed to target different parts of legs. let’s have a look at the types –

1. Knee, Calves, Ankles Leg massager

These types of devices may have expensive but the features they have and the values they are provided is truly incredible.

This type of foot massager device is designed to massage the whole part of legs (knee to foot). Even, for massaging, lots of techniques are installed as a feature.

2. Ankle, calves & foot massager

This type of machine covers ankles, calves and feet only (not whole leg). It helps to reduce muscle soreness, reduce stress and make you feel happy. A & F. Massager doesn’t target knee because it is designed to target for ankle and foot. These come small in size and are lightweight.

3. Foot massager

This kinda device massage is designed to cover the foot parts. The massaging techniques that have been installed in this device help us to provide warm shiatsu massage along with targeting acupressure points.

The benefit of these functions is – increase the blood circulation, remove tiredness & minimize the stress and help in better sleep.

These are portable and come at low price and can be carried from one to another place.

In terms of these three types of machines, most of the brands manufacture the best foot massager machine in India so that buyers can go according to their pocket and uses.

4. Durability

If we talk about durability then the devices should be built of high-quality materials so they could last up to many years. 

In most cases the materials that are used in the manufacturing of leg massagers are:

1. ABS Plastic

2. Premium leather

3. Plastic

All are great. Ensure before buying.

5. Stability

Along with durability, the leg massager devices should be stable. Stability of the device help to deliver a thorough experience without shaking or vibrating. 

The stability of device means when someone is using leg massager then while that activity, the machine shouldn’t shake or vibrate and it remains in the exact position and delivers fully experience till the end.

On the other hand, the device is assembled in such a way that it can easily resist the weight of the user. 

To use this, you can sit on a balanced surface like sofa, chair or bed, put the legs in the massager and enjoy the process. 

Don’t use this device while standing. It is a warning by the product because by doing this, it may be break or damage internal parts due to unwanted load.

6. Control panel for easy to operate or control

The Control panel help user to use and control the device with ease. 

In this cpanel, many types of buttons or switches are given such as heating adjustment, massaging modes, adding a timer, target mode and power on and off buttons.

Most importantly, with these helping buttons, we can easily select the mode of massage according to our comfort. Isn’t it amazing?

7. Budget:

Budget can be a crucial factor. Because it is not necessary that everyone has a high budget to buy this machine. 

Even, as we all know, leg massagers are of 3 types:

  • Foot Massager
  • Calves, ankles and foot massager
  • Fully leg massager

Foot massager comes at a low price and everyone can easily afford it. It starts from 2500 INR.

Whereas, calves, ankles and foot massagers can cost you more.

And the last one is a full leg massager, as per my research these devices come in high range with amazing features. 

In my perspective, you should go according to your budget and need.

These were some buying guides that can be helpful for you to choose the foot massager machine in India. All you have to do is, before going to purchase this make sure to understand all the important buying point which is listed by our team.

Best Foot Massager Machine Brands In India

  1. JSB Healthcare
  2. AGARO
  3. Robotouch
  4. Lifelong
  5. Dr. Physio
  6. Hesley
  7. Amazon Basics

Precautions to take before using the foot massager machine

There are a few points that need to be considered if you are having a leg or foot massager. 

1. Setup the device on a flat and tough surface to avoid shaking of the device. By the way, modern devices don’t shake or vibrate so much but for safety purposes, you should do.

2. When the machine is not in use, turn off the switch and unplug the cable from the electric socket.

3. Maybe, For some people, it is very confusing to operate or understand the control system. In such conditions, you have to read the users guide which is given by the company inside the product box.

4. The machine should be used by elderly people under the supervision of someone who is fully familiar with its controlling system.

5. If you notice, your device is not working properly then in such situations, please don’t use that because it may be hurt you.

6. Nowadays, there are a lot of advanced foot massager devices are comes with shockproofing technology which is quite essential.

However, having shockproof, we shouldn’t use the device with wet legs and along with this, the machine should be placed in a dry and decent area. This is the best way to avoid any shock hazard. 

7. Many types of buttons are provided in the control panel for various massaging techniques such as kneading, vibrating, compression and heating etc. 

If you are not aware of the buttons, settings and speed intensity then in such conditions, when you are using it, you should start with the lowest setting. 

After all of this, you can gradually increase the intensity, heating & speed etc.

8. It is necessary that don’t use this device for long hours in a single go. Apart from this, if you are having a serious health condition, you must consult with the doctor before using this device or else it can be prelious for your health.

These procedures will surely help you to use this device safely. 

Few Word Before Wrapping Up

As we all know that in today’s hectic lifestyle, having a pain in the leg is quite common. In that case, massaging the leg and feet with your hand or having a pain killer is not an Ideal and effective option.

To get rid of the fatigue and leg pain, you have to think about purchasing of best foot massager in India or leg massagers.

Although, it is available in the ranges from expensive to budget-friendly. Moreover, in this post, we have known very well about the benefits of leg massager. 

Whether You can use the massager to massage your legs in daily life. It is almost suitable for every age person but if you are in medical conditions then you must consult with the doctor before using it.

FAQ On Best Leg Massager Machine In India

Q. Does leg massage machine work?

Yes. It works great at relieving muscle pain. Due to the various massaging techniques provided in a leg massager, it is able to massage our upper to lower part of the leg. The stress, muscle tension, fatigue and pain can be minimised with help of this device.

Q. Is a Foot Massager worth it?

As a matter of fact, foot massagers are available in the Indian market at various price ranges. The price depends upon the performance and specifications of the leg massager.

For me, it is worth it. Although it can be high priced, the features and massaging functions are incredible. If you are having a low budget, you can get an ideal leg massager machine for less than 200$.

Q. Is Leg massager good for health?

Having a massage with the leg massager after a hectic day, will promote blood circulation, work on acupressure points and Relieve fatigue. As a result, your quality of sleep will be better and the next morning, you will feel energetic.

Q. How many times a day can you use a leg massager?

Honestly speaking, According to the health experts, you can use it twice a day. If you want to know my opinion then it would be once a day in the evening as a body relaxation. At this time, our body needs more relaxation due to a busy day.

During weekends, you can have this twice a day.

Q. Foot massage machine hurts?

No. These are designed to provide comfort and relaxation to users and not to hurt. It can hurt only if the internal parts are damaged or the device doesn’t comes from a trustworthy (cheap) brand. If you notice that your device is having any issues then contact with customer care.

Q. Can diabetics use foot massagers?

To be honest, a leg or foot massager machine is a must-have appliance and can be used by everyone but from my viewpoint, a person who is in medical conditions must consult with the doctor before using this.

Q. Which leg massage machine is best?

My personal recommendation product in terms of best leg massager machine in india includes:

1. JSB HF04 Foot and Leg Massager
2. Robotouch Classic Legmassager
3. lifelong LM99 Foot, calf and leg massager
4. JSB HF05 Massager
5. Dr. Physio powerful electric massager
6. JSB HF06

Q. Leg and Foot Massager Benefits?

1. Improve Blood Circulation
2. Release muscle soreness and stiffness
3. Improve Sleep Quality
4. Makes your mood happy
5. Comfortable for eldery

 So, out of all recommended, which one surprised you the most? 

Let me know in the comment box.

Thanks For Your valuable Time…

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