Best Office Chair Under 5000 In India – January 2023

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Hello Mate.

So, In this post, we are going to talk about the best office chair under 5000.

Sitting on an ordinary chair for long hours of continuous work is not an easy task for all of us.

In such conditions, our back, neck, legs, and hips can be hurt during sitting hours.

Also, these chairs don’t provide better comfort as compared to office chairs. It is not designed ergonomically too.

Today, I have explained the buying guides, product reviews with pros and cons and benefits of sitting on the ergonomic office chair. In the end of this article, I have also shared my view. After following these points, I am pretty sure that you will be able to choose the high durable office chair under 5000.

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10 Best Office Chair Under 5000 – Updated Lists

Choosing the best product is not an easy job for buyers like us because there are a lot of companies available in the market that manufactures and sell their cheap products by misguiding the customers.

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By taking care of this in mind I have listed top quality, comfortable and sturdy office chairs under 5000 INR. Let’s have a look at the list.




Da URBAN® Miller

100 KG

Savya Home Apollo

125 KGS

Seat Chacha 805

105 KGS

Amazon Brand - Solimo 

150 KGS

Cellbell C103

105 KGS

HOF F504

100 KGS

Amazon brand solimo

110 KGS

BeAAtho Verona

100 KGS

MBTC Vista Mid Back

113 KGS

Solimo Zurich

150 KGS

1. Da URBAN® Miller Medium Back revolving Office Chair Review

Da Urban Office Chair

The Da Urban chair comes with a double cushioned seat, back support and armrest too. Let us know the features.

If we talk about the quality of the chair then it is made of chromium steel that provides durability to the chair. It can support up to 100 kilograms of user body weight.

For comfort aspects, we have known that it has a double cushioned seat, backrest and armrest but along with that, it is designed ergonomically.

By keeping in mind its features, the company offers a pneumatic gas lift to adjust the height of the chair. The chair can move 360°.

The tilt-lock mechanism allows us to set or lock from tilting of the chair and the function of control knoob for rocking movement of back support. You can adjust by moving this knoob.

The sturdy steel metal legs & wheels are able to support weight and provide stability. Due to the wheels, it can be swirled easily.

The company offers 6 months of warranty on this product.

Product Info:

Item weight- 15 kilograms
Build quality – Chromium steel
Material of seat – upholstered leatherette
Weight capacity – 100 kilograms
Chair dimensions –  51X51X102 cms
Seat dimensions – 16X19X35 cms

  • Chromium steel is used for durability
  • Cushioned armrest and seat
  • High-quality leatherette material covers
  • Tilt tension control knoob
  • 360° swirl
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt lock function
  • Sturdy metal leg and nylon caster
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Armrest leatherette is of low quality
  • You will feel warm after a few hours

2. Savya Home Apollo Office Chair

When it comes to making a choice for purchasing a very comfortable & sturdy chair, our next recommendation would be Savya Home Apollo chair.

Savya Home Apollo Medium Back Office Chair

If we talk about its build quality then due to the hard plastic material, the body of the chair is durable and it can easily support up to 125 kgs of users weight.

In the aspects of comfort, this ergonomic chair comes with 2D lumbar and back support that provides comfort & maintains the posture. The quality of seat is designed with 2 inches of thick, solid & moulded padding for full-day comfort.

Speaking of office chairs, it offers a 5-inch seat height adjustable function & class 3 pneumatic gas lift so that they can easily be adjusted by us according to seat height.

Along with that, the leg of the chair is built of alloy steel material to provide support and stability. Even, Due to nylon castor wheels, we can easily move this from one to another place.

Besides height-adjustable function, the tilt tension control allows to control or stop the tilting of the chair.

Product information:

Item weight- 18 kilograms
Build quality – Alloy steel
Material of seat – mesh
Weight capacity – 120 kilograms
Chair dimensions –  25X26X50 inches

  • Breathable Mesh to prevent sweating
  • Alloy steel Frames
  • Spine shaped back support
  • It can support 120 kilograms of weight
  • 2 inch thick soft cushion padding
  • Can be tilted upto 135°
  • Tilt tension control knoob
  • Durable Nylon caster wheels
  • Class 3 gas lift for adjusting
  • Ergonomic design armrest
  • Arm rest should be wider
  • Not found

3. Seat Chacha 805 Mesh Series chair

The Seat Chacha 805 is our next recommendation because it comes with elegant colour and design. Along with that, it is designed with curved lumbar support and is highly durable.

Seat Chacha 805 mesh series office chair

The metal is used as a material to provide durability to the chair. The high-quality material avoids the shaking of the chair which is a great thing. It can support upto 105 kilograms.

In the aspects of comfort, the backrest is designed with spine shape and breathable. Thereby, the ventilation of air would be properly. The ergonomic designed lumbar support helps greatly in supporting your back posture. In the list of ergonomic chair under 5000, I literally loved this chair mostly due to its satisfying sky blue colour.

The tilt mechanism function is provided for the user’s comfort. You can enjoy rocking by twisting the knoob. It can be moved 360 degrees.

The 5 legged support the user weight whereas the 50 mm nylon caster help to move the chair easily. You will get 1 year of warranty.

Product Info:

Product weight – 13 kgs
Seat design – Mesh Seat
Dimensions – 50X56X10 Cms
Weight support – 105 kilograms

  • Breathable mesh backrest with spined Design
  • Thick padded mesh quality seat
  • Attractive design
  • Rocking from 90 – 105 degrees
  • Height adjustment
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Tilt control knoob
  • Nylon caster
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quality of chair should be improved

4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Loft Chair

When it comes to buying a chair for gaming, studying or office work then we want a product that can suit for all uses. Besides, that chair should be comfortable and sturdy.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Loft office chair

To keep in mind uses, our next Solimo Loft chair is made of metal and engineering wood material. Besides, the black colour fibre armrest is designed curvy to support the user arm with ease.

The seat is made of mesh and upholstered which is quite comfortable. This seat is free from any toxins & chemicals.

The back support is designed with a curve for better relaxation of the upper as well as the lower part of the leg.

Although the class 4 pneumatic gas lift features help to raise and lower the seat with ease. This 5 legged frames of the chair can support up to 150 kilograms.

It comes with 3 years of warranty.

Product info:

Maximum user weight – 150 kgs
Product dimensions – 53X57X92 cms
Chair weight – 11 kgs
Seat quality – Mesh Upholstered

  • Mesh Upholstered seat
  • Curved back support for back posture
  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable lumbar support design
  • Highly durable and unshakeable
  • Free from harsh toxins & chemicals
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt tension control
  • 3 years warranty
  • The armrest should be wider
  • Caster is not very sturdy

5. Cellbell C103 Medium Office Chair

Our next product on this list includes Cellbell C103 that is designed with solid plastic for durability.

Cellbell C103 office chair

The maximum weight it can handle is 105 kilograms which is quite good if you are looking best office chairs under 5000 in India.

The seat is designed with 2 inches of thick foam cushion & an ergonomic padded armrest that is suitable in terms of height.

Along with that, the lumbar support material is mesh & ventilated that prevent a person from sweating during sitting hours.

On this chair, we are offered a lumber adjustable function that allows us to push downward or upward for good back support.

In terms of height adjusting, there is a class 4 pneumatic gas lift function that is equipped for support and smoothing adjustable.

The base of the chair or legs is built of alloy steel material to support user weight and maintain stability. Due to the 5 castor wheels, it can be moved anywhere.

This chair comes with a 1-year warranty on any manufacturing defects.

Product Info:

Item weight- 14 kilograms
Build quality – Strong Plastic & Alloy steel
Material of seat – breathable mesh
Weight capacity – 120 kilograms
Chair dimensions –  43.2X43.2X104.1 cms
Height suitable – 5-5.8ft

  • Ergonomic design back & armrest
  • 2 inches thick foam cushion seat
  • Height adjusting function
  • It can support 105 kilograms
  • Adjustable back support
  • Wider armrest
  • Ventilated back support
  • Class 4 gas lift function with covers
  • 360 ° swivel
  • 5 alloy steel wheels & legs
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not found

6. HOF F504 Office Chair

For users like us don’t want to purchase an office chair that is less durable and has a poor function. In that case, our next recommendation is HOF office chair.

HOF F504 Office Chair

Speaking of this office chair, the seat, as well as the backrest, is manufactured with help of a high-density sponge cushion that provides comfort and makes us happier.

The backrest is designed ergonomically and it is breathable. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about feeling kind of warm. The spine shape back supports the back and maintain the posture of the upper to lower back.

It comes with a height-adjustable function and tilt control knoob to provide a better experience while sitting.

The castor is designed in such a way that it may move easily without making noise or scratching the floor.

In terms of warranty, you will get 1 year.

Product Info:

Item weight – 12.5 kgs
Maximum user weight – 100kgs
Dimensions – 40X62X72

  • Comes in various colours
  • Breathable & spine shape lumbar support
  • Suitable for office, study and gaming use
  • Foam sponge seat covers with leather
  • Can support upto 100 kilograms
  • Tilt control knoob is equipped
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth-rolling 5 castor
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not Found

7. Amazon brand solimo accord office chair

The next recommended product is Amazon solimo office chair. What is so special about this product?

Amazon Brand Solimo Accord Office Chair

Let’s straight dive into features.

If we talk about the durability of this chair, I must say that hard plastic and high-quality upholstery fabric material maintain stability and prevent from shaking of this chair.

The seat is made of high quality & toxin-free material that is good for the user’s experience.
This chair can support up to 110 kilograms of user body weight.

The armrest of this chair is a bit wider and a good height to provide comfort to the user. The pneumatic features allow for adjustment of the office chair.

In terms of warranty, the company offers 3 years of warranty on any kind of manufacturing defects which is quite supportive.

About the product:

Max user weight – 110 kilograms
Build quality – Strong Plastic
Material of seat – breathable
Chair weight – 12.5 kgs
Dimensions – 62X49X100 cms

  • Built of strong plastic material
  • 5 legged for stability
  • Pneumatic gas lift function
  • The seat cushion is comfortable
  • Breathable back support
  • Wider armrest
  • Suitable for study, gaming & office work
  • Castor wheels are equipped for movement
  • 3 years warranty
  • Tilt tension control is not working properly
  • Pneumatic class level is missing
  • A bit uncomfortable
  • Back support may not be very comfortable

8. BeAAtho Verona Mid Back Chair

Who doesn’t want to buy the best office chair under 5000 in india that may be suitable for every use? As for me, I prefer that type of chair.

beAAtho Verona Mid back office chair

By keeping in mind this term, our next recommendation is beAAtho chair. The base is designed with metal which makes the chair sturdy and long-lasting.

The back support is designed with a spine shape. The good thing, it is breathable that prevent heating and ventilating properly.

It comes with a height adjustment Function that is suitable for every tall and short height person.

To recline and avoid tilting of this chair, it is equipped with tilt control and knoob. It can swirl 360 degrees.

You will be offered 3 years of warranty.

Product Info:

Dimensions – 51X48X104 cms
Self-weight – 13 kgs
Seat quality – Mesh and foam

  • Moulded foam seat
  • Breathable & spine shape back
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • 360-degree swirl
  • Back support can be rocked 120 degrees
  • Metal frame
  • Tilt tension control knoob
  • Tilt lock mechanism
  • 3 years warranty
  • The seat can be more comfortable
  • Not so comfortable
  • Due to build quality, it is less durable

9. MBTC Vista Mid Back Revolving Office Chair Review

best office chair in India under 5000

In the list, our next recommendation is MBTC office chair that is designed sturdy along with ergonomic.

The brown seat made of faux leather can be suitable for home, gaming or office uses. The upholstered leather seat is for providing superior comfort to the user. The back or lumbar support is wide and bonded to support the back.

Although the frame is made of engineering wood to provide durability. It can support 113 kilograms. Whereas, the wheels are designed for smooth-rolling due to nylon.

The tilt lock and control knoob are equipped at the base that is great in terms of user convenience. We have to set the back support and adjust the height. Thereby, these features are best.

It tends to swirl 360 degrees and recline up to 120 degrees for the rocking and reclining effect.

You will be offered 6 months warranty on manufacturing defects. One more thing is if you are not satisfied, after purchasing of this chair. The company give 10-day return.

Product info:

Maximum user weight – 113 kgs
Item weight – 15 kgs
Product dimensions – 46X18.5X18.5 cms

  • Engineering wood material is used
  • Upholstered faux leather seat
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Reclined up to 120 degrees
  • Tilt lock mechanism
  • Tilt tension control knoob
  • Can be moved 360 degrees
  • Nylon wheels for smooth movement
  • 10 days risk free return
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Can make you warm while sitting
  • The sweating problem may be happen
  • The quality of the leatherette should be improved

10. Amazon Brand – Solimo Zurich Chair

The office chair that comes with ergonomic in design, sturdy and has a soft cushion seat would be the best office chair.

Amazon Brand - Solimo zurich Office Chair

In that case, that product is Solimo Zurich Chair that is sturdy and capable enough to support 140 kilograms of user body weight.

Speaking of its comfort, the seat of this chair is built from upholstery mesh fabric and free from toxins & chemicals free. The lumbar support is wider and designed for better ventilation.

In terms of function, firstly it is adjustable. We can adjust the height of this chair and the tilt tension control knoob for reclining purposes.

The 5 legged and nylon caster help to support the load and easy moving of the chair from one to another room.

It comes with 3 years of warranty on manufacturing defects.

Product Info:

Dimensions – 60X66X38 cms
Support up to – 150 kilograms
Item weight – 15 kgs

  • Upholstered Mesh fabric
  • Tilt tension control knoob
  • Stable: doesn’t shake
  • Height adjustable
  • Can support up to 150 kgs
  • The armrest is at a good height
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Ergonomic Breathable back support
  • Free from harsh toxins & chemicals
  • Nylon caster & 5 legged wheels
  • 3 years warranty
  • Not detailed about build quality
  • No tilt lock mechanism

These were the product recommendation of the best office chair under 5000 that are top picks, sturdy and available at affordable ranges. Whether you are a student or a job person you can buy one of these products. These are suitable for almost everyone’s uses.

Office Chair Buying Guides India

If we want to purchase a long-lasting, comfortable and sturdy office chair then we should check the buying guide point that I have explained below.

Let’s straight dive into point 1.

Build quality:

The quality of the body depends on what kind of material has been used during the manufacturing of the chair.

You can go with hard plastic nylon, alloy steel, or chromium steel-based material office chair.

[Alloy steel materials are commonly used in the manufacturing of treadmill frames for durability, stability and long-lasting.]

Weight Capacity:

Before purchasing, it is an important point to check whether the product is able to support my body weight or not.

Seat Cushion :

The cushion is also the most important thing in the office chair. The better cushion provides good comfort during sitting hours.

Let’s have a look at the materials that are used in the manufacturing of cushions.

Fabric, Vinyl, Mesh & Leather :

All of these are commonly used in the manufacture of cushions in an office chair. All are good at comfort but you have to check their speciality in terms of comforts, easy to clean & prevent sweating.

One more thing about the best cushion is – If any office chair is attached with double – cushioned, then go for it because that is designed with extra comforts.

Ergonomic Armrest :

The armrest of the office chair is designed ergonomically for comfort. It should be wider and at the exact height level.

Besides, Some Office chairs come with soft cushioned padding. These are more comfortable as compared to the normal armrest.

Lumbar & back support :

The lumbar support should be designed with a spine shape to provide comfort and support to our upper and lower back. Due to the ergonomic designed back supports, it helps us to maintain our spine posture.

Adjustable height :

When it comes to buying an office chair under 5000, we have to check whether the product offers height-adjustable function or not?

Due to the adjustable features, people can adjust the seat height according to sitting position. By doing this, you will feel comfortable and can work for long hours without being uncomfortable.

Tilt lock controlling knoob:

This feature helps to lock or control the tilting of the chair. If this function doesn’t provide in any office chair then the chair will keep on tilting while sitting and this kind of thing can disturb you.

Lumbar Adjustable Function:

The Lumbar Adjustable Function allow us to change the position of back support in the upward or downward direction.

Metal or strong plastic legs:

The chair of an office chair is made of alloy steel or strong plastic to support the leg of the user. It also helps in supporting the bodyweight of the user. If it is not built of high-quality material then it may be broken due to maximum load.

Wheel :

The wheels are equipped beneath the chair. These are very helpful at moving the chair from one place to another with ease.

It should be made of either strong plastic or nylon. It also plays a role in the smoother movement of the chair and supporting weight. If it is broken due to maximum load then you can purchase wheels separately from the store or online.


The Warranty should be provided on the particular product by the company.

These were some buying guide points that should be kept in mind by us. I am pretty sure that after following this guide, you’ll be able to purchase the best office chair under 5000.

But, here, I just want to say that:

It is not necessary that you will get every function at any particular product in this range. In this case, choose the office chair that is durable, sturdy, built of high-quality material and has some useful functions.

Benefits Of An Ergonomic Chair

Sitting on the normal plastic chair can lead to back & leg pain because they are not designed ergonomically to support your back, neck and arm. 

Benefits of ergonomic chair

If we talk about the seat of the chair then it is not made of any kind of upholstery sponge cushion. Thereby it may start hurting your glutes while sitting. 

Some People think that they have nothing to do with the selection of the best office chair. From my viewpoint, we have to think about selecting the best chair because whether we are a gamer or 9-5 job person, in both cases, it is good for comfort aspects.

Even, according to health experts, A 9-5 job person spend more than 10 hours sitting on the chair. They do recommend purchasing the best chair for our work.

On the other hand, if we talk about the office chair, as we all have known properly that it is designed in such a way that it can make you feel comfortable during sitting hours, help support the back and leg posture and tends to be sturdy. 

It may be a bit costly but in the aspects of comfort, it is 2X or 3X more comfortable and durable as compared to those of a normal chair. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of an office chair:

1. It is designed ergonomically to support back, leg and arm posture.

2. These come with an adjustable height function that is altogether suitable for every height person.

3. The seat is made of high-quality upholstery fabric material to provide comfort to your glutes and hamstrings.

4. The tilt lock controlling function is equipped on the office chair that allows the user to lock the chair from tilting.

5. These are low in weight and due to wheels which are attached underneath the leg, we can move this chair from one to another room.

6. For tilting or rocking purposes, the tilt control knoob function is offered by the company. It can be reclined back up to 110 degrees.

7. Usually, the office chair tends to durable because there is a high quality of material are used during manufacturing. 

8. The breathable mesh fabric lumbar support helps to prevent the user from being sweating on the back. It also helps in minimising the warm effect.

9. It can be assembled and resembled easily.

10. After purchasing an office chair, you will get a warranty on that product.

You can get the function and the benefits if you will purchase the office chair below 5000 INR. Isn’t It Amazing?

Few words before wrapping up:

Sitting on the office chair makes you feel comfortable. Thereby, you can do your work for long hours without getting hurt of your back, leg and neck. 

An ordinary chair is designed to look better but the what are cons of sitting on this kind of chair is we have known above.

It is a bit costly but cushy compared to an ordinary chair. The seat of the chair is made of high-quality cushion for the upholstery effect.  Even, most of the chair has lumbar support that is designed with spine shape to support upper to lower back muscle.

In the end of the best office chair under 5000 in India, I have recommended the top pick product in which some are also available at very affordable price. However, I would strongly recommend you to go with either HOF 504 or Savya Home Apollo.

One important thing is, this chair is not only for office use but you can use this chair for gaming & studying uses. If you are the owner of any shop then it is the best thing to purchase these chairs for your customers and staff.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q. What is the best affordable office chair for work from home?

There are various types of Indian brands available in the market such as Da Urban, MBTC, SEAT CHACHA & Furnicom. They manufacture every range of products.

Q. Which Office chair to buy?

The office chair should be designed ergonomically and made of high quality material to support maximum user weight and be long lasting.

Q. Difference between an office chair and a normal chair?

The main difference between these two is – office chair comes with a fully ergonomic design so that you can do your work for long hours without getting hurt your back and legs, Whereas a normal chair doesn’t offer any function or comfort.

Q. Why Office chair is expensive?

It can be expensive as compared to a normal chair because it is an advanced version of chair that comes with an ergonomic design, is comfortable and tends to be sturdy.

Q. Will office chair ruin carpet?

If the wheels of the office chair are built of poor quality plastic material then it will not be able to move smoothly. The castor should be made of either strong plastics or nylon.

Q. What is the best position for sitting on an office chair?

1. Firstly adjust the height of your chair according to your comfort.

2. Move your hips back and rest your lower & upper back on lumber and back support.

3. You can Keep your legs straight and in the correct position either on the chair legs or floors.

Q. Should be feet touch the ground on a chair?

Yes. But make sure that your legs are in the right form. Adjust the height of your chair so that your legs could not hurt. 

Q. Are office chairs good for your back?

Yes. The lumbar support of the office chair should be designed with a spine shape. Due to this, It can provide us comfort and support the upper and lower posture of your back.

Q. Are high back chairs better?

It is said that a high back chair can be a better option as compared to normal back chairs. Because they support your entire back and provides comfort and maintain correct posture for long hours.

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