The 10+ Best Treadmill In India For Home Use – (March 2022)

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Are you looking for the best treadmill in India?

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In today’s posts, I am going to explain you regarding best treadmill for home use and gym use so that you may get a treadmill that would be highly durable and has a lot of features in that particular product.

Besides, This article will cover every single topic & details regarding treadmill such as buying guides, pros n cons, benefits of running on the treadmill and many more topics.

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Best treadmill in India 2022 – For Home & Gym Use

Powermax TD-M1 A1 series electric Treadmill

The power max fitness TD M1 A1 Treadmill with its very attractive and light design is an ideal option for home use.

Powermax fitness TD M1 A1 motorized treadmill

This treadmill comes with both manual inclination and auto Inclination. But this treadmill offers manual inclination function upto 2 level incline.

Along with this, the build quality of this treadmill is highly durable and stable due to the alloy steel material that is used. The Max user weight is 100 kgs.

Basically, there is a 4.0 HP of HiTorque Powerful DC motor has been installed inside the treadmill that helps in delivering smooth movement of the treadmill, doesn’t make noise and provides stability.

The speed of the treadmill ranges from 1-14 kph. Apart from this, there is 10 cm LCD is provided in the treadmill and some controlling buttons next to the display.

During the manufacturing of this treadmill, shock absorption features are added. To lower the impact while running on the treadmill, it uses spring shock absorption functions.

This treadmill can be folded easily and stored. Besides, it can be moved with help of transportation wheels that are attached at the base.

We will be given 3-years warranty on motor, 1 year on parts and life time on frames.

Extra features are: Time, distance and calories counter, pulse rate measurements, Aux, USB port and bottle holders, Mp3 & speakers and preset workout installed.

  • 4.0 HP DC Motor installed
  • Speed : 1-14 kmph
  • Manual inclination upto 2 level
  • Alloy steel frames
  • Heart rate sensor on hand rails
  • Spring and double layer board for suspension
  • 7 layer diamond wave belt
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Max user weight: 100 kgs
  • Mp3 speakers and preset workout program
  • Warranty: 3+1+lifetime
  • Auto Inclination function should be added
  • Not Found

Fitkit FT 100 series 3.25 HP DC Motorized Treadmill

The Fitkit FT 100 series is our next recommendation because it is offering a lot of specifications that should be checked by us.

Fitkit FT 100 series treadmill

The 57 kilograms of this treadmill has built quality of steel material that is sturdy and highly stable. It can support the 110 kilograms of user-weight which is quite impressive.

By the way, there is a 3.25 HP of powerful DC motor is equipped in the treadmill that performs smooth and provides stability to the treadmill when the treadmill is in use. The speed ranges from 0.8-14.8 kgs.

For lubrication purposes, it comes with manual lubrication which means, we have to lub the motor and its belt at every 2 or 3 months to increase the life of treadmill.

To burn more calories on the treadmill by performing HIIT or inclined based workout, it offers manual Inclination up to 3 levels.

Surprisingly, after purchasing the treadmill, you will be offered free diet & exercise plans with 1 consultant with health experts for 1 month.

The cool thing is, it offers hydraulic function that allows us to fold the treadmill very easily. Also, the transportation wheels are attached at the base for moving of the treadmill.

Warranty details: 1-year warranty on motor and manufacturing defects and 3 year on frames.

Extra features: Preset workout program, safety clip, AUX & USB port, bottle holders, speakers, heart rate sensor, Speed, Distance, Calories counter.

If you are looking for the best treadmill in India for home use then it will be suitable for that purpose. I have used this treadmill, it runs verb smooth and tends to perform better.

  • 3.25 HP DC Motor
  • Steel material Frames
  • Manual Inclination upto 3 levels
  • Weight Capacity: 110 kgs
  • Speed upto 14 kmph
  • Massager provided
  • Hydraulic function for folding
  • Heart rate measurements on hand rails
  • Warranty: 3+1 years
  • Present programs and live video session
  • Offered 1 doctor consulant
  • Not Found

Durafit Heavy Hike Multifunctional Treadmill

Our next product on this list includes the durafit heavy hike treadmill that is multifunctional, highly durable and has a lot of function in it… 

Durafit Heavy Hike Multifunction Treadmill

Let’s straight dive in.

There is 2.5 HP of motor has fitted installed that is very powerful, well made and performs very smooth. This high technology motor is able to provide a speed from 0-16 kph.

The alloy steel material is used to make the frames that are super strong, highly stable and remains stable whether the machine is at high speed or low speed. Due to this high-quality steel, it is able to support upto 120 kilograms of user weight.

Furthermore, it is designed in such a way so that it gives a better suspension, there is dura spring technology has been added and a gel cushion is provided on the running belt that actually helps in lowering the shock or impact.

If we talk about the auto inclination function, this machine features an auto inclination upto 16 levels. You can perform HIIT workouts while setting a new incline level. Amazing isn’t it?

Whether you want to buy this treadmill for gym or home use, it is suitable for both. In terms of gym use, it is sturdy and can perform for long hours.

Whereas, speaking of its home use, it can be folded and transport easily with soft vertical hydraulic and transportation wheels.

The warranties are 3-3 years on motor & parts & 5 years on frames.

Extra features: 48 types of preset workout programmes, MP3 player, aux port, speed, distance and time counter, pulse rate measurement, 1 safety clip and some exercising equipment.

  • 5 HP of powerful & noiseless motor
  • Frames are made of alloy steel
  • Speeds: 0-16 kmph
  • For lubrication, silicon oil is given
  • Running belt with friction coatings
  • For safety aspects, 1 safety clip
  • Gel cushioned for shock absorption
  • Auto Inclination upto 16 level
  • Speed ranges from 0-16 kmph
  • Transportation wheels are attached
  • Shock absorber dura spring technology
  • Given exercise equipments
  • Vertical fold hydraulic function
  • Warranty 5+3+1 years
  • Not Found

Lifelong LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill

The Lifelong LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill is one of the best budget treadmill on this list. Whether we talk about the build quality or its performance, it is sturdy and provides you a smooth experience.

Lifelong Fitpro LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill

The frames of this treadmill are made of alloy steel material that tends to be stable and tough. This treadmill is able to support upto 90 kilograms of user weight.

Along with this, The motor of the treadmill is a crucial aspect that should be checked in terms of horsepower and durability.

This treadmill comes with 2.5 HP of well built and powerful motor that doesn’t make any noise when machine is in use. Due to this motor, the speed of the machine ranges from 0-10 kilometres per hour.

Surprisingly, it is an ideal and best treadmill for home use in India because it comes with a foldable mechanism that allows the treadmill to fold and store anywhere in our home.

Even, in terms of performing intense workouts, we are provided with a manual inclination function which is equipped in this treadmill upto 3 levels.

For safety aspects, the safety lach or clip is given in the treadmill. If we are getting unbalanced while running on the treadmill then with this feature, we can force stop the treadmill by pulling the safety clip.

The belt of this treadmill is anti-skid and for taking care of suspension, the 8 rubber pads have been installed so that they may reduce the impact on joints while running on the deck.

The warranties are 3 years on motor, 1 year on parts and a lifetime warranty on alloy steel frames.

Extra features are Time, distance and calories counter, 12 preset workout programs and Aux, USB port and bottle holders.

  • 2.5 HP functioning noiseless motor
  • Alloy steel frames
  • Inclination upto 3 levels
  • 8 rubber pads for better suspension
  • Anti skid running belt
  • Can be folded easily
  • Speed 0-10kph
  • 12 preset workout program
  • Bottle holders
  • Safety clip
  • Warranty 3+1+lifetime
  • Auto Inclination should have provided

Cockatoo CTM 05 1.5 HP – 2HP Peak Motorized Treadmill

Our next product includes Cockatoo CTM 05 which is very lightweight, foldable and easy to transport.

Cockatoo CTM 05 motorized treadmill

This treadmill would be a good option for a person who wants to build a home gym setup. Let’s have a look on these specifications.

This treadmill comes with a 1.5 HP DC motor that has the capacity to provide the speed upto 14 kmph. Besides, it is powerful and noiseless.

The material that is used in the manufacturing of the treadmill is an alloy steel that is durable, stable and long-lasting. The maximum user weight of this treadmill is 90 kilograms (walking) & 70 kilograms (running).

It is only for home use and it can be folded and moved from one to another place. We noted, along with light weight, it can be folded, which is quite cool.

It offers manual inclination function upto 3 levels so that a person can perform HIIT workout and burn more calories while running or jogging.

The 5 inches of LCD has been installed in which we can track our progress and by using the buttons in the cpanel, we can control it.

If we talk about the warranty, 3 years on motor, 1 year on parts and lifetime on frames.

Extra features: 12 Preset workout program, Aux, 5 inches LCD, Time, speed, distance calories, pulse rate measurements.

  • 1.5 HP high torque motor
  • Alloy steel material are used
  • Max user weight 90 kgs
  • Manual Inclination upto 3 level
  • Speed upto 14 kmph
  • Foldable and movable
  • 12 preset workout program
  • Pulse rate measurements
  • Maximum user weight is low
  • Low horse power of motor
  • Can face issue with speakers & pulse rate

Powermax Fitness TDA 230 Motorised Treadmill

Who does not want to look for a treadmill that can be easily folded & stored in a small place?

Powermax fitness tda 230 electric treadmill

Along with that, the treadmill we are going to buy should be come with a lot of features and in terms of performance, it may run efficiently.

The weight of this treadmill is 58 kilograms and it is able to handle upto 115 kgs. The frames of this machine are sturdy and highly stable due to the alloy steel material which is used in this treadmill.

If we talk about the motor, there is a 4 HP of powerful DC motor has been fitted that is able to provide smooth movement of the running belt.

Besides, this DC motor is also very stable. It doesn’t shake or vibrate whether the treadmill is in use or not. This well-built motor delivers upto 0-14 kmph.

Speaking of the performance of the treadmill, it comes with semi auto lubrication function. We all know, how much it is important to lube the treadmill.

Also, lubricating the treadmill manually may take some time. Thereby, to increase the life of the motor & running belt, the semi-auto lubrication option is added.

Along with this, for smooth movement of rollers and to increase the life of motor and belt, the treadmill comes with semi-auto lubrication.

For shock-absorbing or reducing the shock, the dual spring shock absorber function is equipped and also the 1.8 mm thickness of running belt of this treadmill is made of PVC material that tends to be anti-skid and useful in reducing the impact.

This treadmill is designed for space-saving. It means that the treadmill is foldable with hydraulic soft drop system. Besides, due to the transportation wheels, it can be moved effortlessly by us from one to another room in the home.

To perform an incline or HIIT workout, you will be offered auto Inclination upto 15 levels. By pressing the button, you can change the inclination level.

You are offered 4 exercise equipments such as Twisters, situps, massagers and dumbells with this machine so that you can perform or train your muscles more.

For performing intense workouts, auto Inclination system is added to the treadmill that can incline upto 15 level.

You will get exercise equipment along with the treadmill such as Massagers, dumbells, Twisters and situps.

Extra features: heart rate sensor on hand rails, aux & USB port, measure time, speed, calories and distance, BMI checker, mobile & bottle holders.

  • 4 HP powerful DC motor
  • Alloy steel frames
  • Dual spring shock absorbers
  • It can support 115 kilograms
  • Heart rate sensor on hand rails
  • It can fold with H.S.S
  • Auto Inclination from 0 – 15 level
  • Anti skid running belt for safety aspects
  • Semi Auto lubrication
  • Equipped with transportation wheels
  • Additional exercise equipments
  • Ideal for home use and attractive design
  • Better Customer Support
  • Not Found

Cockatoo CTM 101 Motorized Treadmill

The Cockatoo CTM 101 Treadmill with a powerful high torque DC motor of 2.5 HP can be run for long hours. This motor is noiseless and able to run at a speed of 14.8 kmph.

Cockatoo CTM 101 manual Incline treadmill

The build quality of this treadmill is of stainless and alloy steel materials. Due to this, it can support upto 120 kilograms.

Here’s the 5 inches of LCD has been installed in which we are able to track the performance, monitor heart rate and check the total calories burned.

This treadmill is designed for space-saving. Thereby, it is foldable. Along with this, due to the wheels attached at the base, it can be moved by us from one to another place.

Speaking of its inclination function, we are offered 3 levels of manual inclination. To change the inclination, we have to get off the treadmill and change manually.

Extra features- Aux and USB port, 5 inches LCD, bottle holders, heart rate monitor on hand rails, mp3 etc.

Warranties are 3 years on motor, 1 year on parts and life time warranty on frames.

  • High Torque 2.5 HP DC noiseless motor
  • Attarctive look
  • Alloy steel frames provide stability
  • Super shock reducing impacts
  • 3 levels of manual inclination
  • 120 kgs of max user weight
  • Foldable and movable
  • Speed: 14.8 kmph
  • Heart rate monitor on hand rails
  • Warranty: 3+1+lifetime years
  • Auto inclination should’ve added
  • As the machine gets older, the motor may start to make a little noise.

Maxpro PTM 405 Electric Motorised Treadmills

If you are looking for the best treadmill in india that should be highly durable, comes with a powerful motor and has a lot of features then you have to check this treadmill that is Maxpro PTM 405.

Maxpro PTM 405 Electric Motorised Treadmill

We all know that the build quality of the treadmill should be durable enough so that it can remain stable.

By keeping this point in mind during the manufacture of this machine, the frames are made of high-quality alloy steel material that is tough and can easily handle upto 110 kilograms of maximum user weight. The self-weight of this treadmill is nearly 47 kgs.

In this treadmill, the 2 Hp of well built, powerful and noiseless motor has been installed that performs efficiently and enhance the user experience. The speed ranges from 0-14 kmph.

To shoot hard with HIIT or inclined workout, we are being offered the manual inclination function upto 3 levels.

Besides gym or commercial use, it is designed in such a way that it can fold. By doing this, we can save a lot of space after folding the device.

To move this machine anywhere You want such as in another room or place then with help of equipped transportation wheels, you can do it with ease.

The warranties are  1-1 year warranty on spares and motors and lifetime on frames.

Extra features are pulse rate measurements, time, distance, speed & calories counter, mobile holders, mp3 players and USB ports.

  • 2 HP motor
  • Frames are built of high quality alloy steel
  • Manual Incline function upto 3 level
  • Speed 0.8-14 kph
  • It can be easily folded with hydraulic
  • Pulse rate measurements on hand rails
  • 5 inches LCD & hear rate measurment
  • Movable with transportation wheels
  • Warranty: 1+1+lifetime
  • Not found

Healthgenie 4612A 2HP Motorized Treadmill

Users like you and me do prefer a Motorized Treadmill that comes with highly functional and noiseless motor. In that case, our next product is 4612A by Healthgenie company.

Healthgenie 4612A Motorized Treadmill

As a matter of fact, the 2 HP of powerful noiseless motor has been installed in the treadmill to provide a better experience. It remains stable and doesn’t shake while running. The speed of treadmill ranges from 0.8-16kph.

The running deck is made of high-density board that is sturdy and support user weights without shaking or vibrating. The overall dimensions are 126X46 centimetres.

If we talk about Inclination, it has a function of automatic inclination that allows to incline the deck up to 15 levels.

It is designed with space-saving. You are allowed to fold the treadmill and the wheels attached at the base help to move the treadmill with ease.

Even, to enhance the life of the motor or overall treadmill, it offers an automatic lubrication function. All you have to do is add the oil whensoever it is needed.

Along with this treadmill, the company offers 4 other small exercising equipments that are massagers, dumbells, Twisters and situps.

In terms of warranty, the company offers 1-1 year on other parts & motor and 3 years on frames.

Extra features are pulse checker, calories, speed, distance can be measured
5 inches LCD, BMI Function & USB n aux port.

  • 2 HP Motor
  • Foldable and movable with ease
  • Offers 4 exercise equipment
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Auto Inclination function from 0 – 15 levels
  • Pulse rate measurements
  • Speed 0.8 – 16 kph
  • Warranty 3+1+1 years
  • Improve the build quality of treadmill
  • Add some more features

Sparnod STH 4100 4.25 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill

The Sparnord STH 4100 is our next treadmill by Sparnord Fitness because it is multifunctional and in terms of performance and durability, it is amazing.

Sparnod STH 4100 Treadmill Review

Let’s have a look on all these specifications.

There is a 2.25 HP powerful DC motor is offered that runs very smoothly For long hours without getting heat.

It is noiseless and helps in running of the belt super smoothly that will surely enhance the comfort and experience of the user. The speed ranges from 0.8-14 km per hour.

If we talk about durability and stability, this treadmill frames are made of high quality and long-lasting alloy steel material that tends to support user weight of 125 kilograms and remains stable whether someone is running or jogging.

For better shock absorption, the running belt is designed with cushions. Also, the multilayers boards are equipped under the deck to reduce the impact on joints while running by the user.

Along with this, the other 2 layers work as soundproofing & shockproof. The overall dimensions of the deck are 50X17 inches.

The main thing is, the auto inclination function is provided that ranges from 0-15 levels of incline that is quite good for a person who is fond of performing intense inclined workouts.

Along with commercial use, it can be an ideal option for home use because it offers a soft drop hydraulic fold system so that we can fold the treadmill with ease. The transportation wheels are also added at the base.

Along with the treadmill, you will get exercise equipment such as twisters, dumbells, belt massagers and situp bars

The warranties are 3 years on motor, 1 year on spares and lifetime on frames.

Extra features are – pulse rate measurment,  3 inches of LCD, 12 preset workout programms, Aux port, hi fi speakers, time, calories, distance and speed trackers.

  • 2.25-4.25 HP Peak DC Motor
  • Alloy steel Frames
  • Cushioned running belt
  • Auto Inclination function upto 15 level
  • 4 layers for sound and shock proofing
  • Semi-Auto Lubrication function
  • Dual spring hydraulic fold system
  • 12 pre-set workout program
  • 4 layers surface is equipped for sound & shock proofing
  • Speed 0.8-14 kph
  • Can support upto 125 kilograms
  • Warranty – 3 + 2 + lifetime
  • Not found

Stunner Fitness STX 230 Motorized treadmill

The last product in the list of best treadmill in India includes Stunner STX which is designed in such a way that it can provide comfort to the user while walking, running or jogging.

Stunner Fitness STX 230 Motorized treadmill

For shock absorption, this treadmill comes with silkworm shock absorption technology that is attached underneath the base that can reduce the shock while using by someone.

If we talk about the durability of this treadmill then the frames of steel is built of alloy steel so that it can support upto 110kgs.

In terms of performance, there is 2 HP of a powerful motor has been installed that runs very smoothly. Due to this motor, our treadmill can perform at the full speed of 14kmph.

By keeping in mind of safety aspects, a safety Key feature is provided with a safety Clip to force stop the treadmill. This feature minimises the chances of accidents or sudden falls.

The running belt is made of multi-ply polyester. The surface of the belt is anti-skid and due to the multilayer design, it can reduce the impact or work as a shock absorber.

This treadmill is designed with space saver technique. There is a soft drop hydraulic function that allows treadmill to fold. 

It is an ideal choice for the gym as well as home use. The transportation wheels are attached at the base for easy transportation of treadmill.

Warranties are: 1 year on motor, 1 year on spares and lifetime on frames.

Extra features are: 12 preset workout programmes, Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, safety Key, mobile holder, speed, distance, calories, time & hear rate measurement & 5 inches LCD.

  • 2 HP & 4HP Peak noiseless motor
  • Alloy steel Frames
  • Semi auto lubrication
  • Safety clip
  • Silkworm shock absorber function
  • 12 preset workout programms
  • Heart rate measurment
  • Running belt is anti skid
  • Energy saving motor
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 5 inches LCD
  • Soft drop hydraulic function to fold
  • Equipped with transportation wheels
  • Neither manual nor auto inclination is provided
  • Warranty period should be increased

These were the list of well built, highly durable and best performance treadmills. which product surprised you the most? Let Me know below.

Keep reading the post to know the important buying guide points.

Treadmill Buying Guides India 2022

This is a crucial topic because if we don’t look at all points before purchasing then it can be possible that we will not be able to get a perfect product according to our purposes and needs.

The points, I am going to share with you has taken a long hours of research. You may like these informations.

So, Sit back, relax and enjoy these points:

1. Build Quality:

Before checking any other features or mechanisms in the treadmill, the very first point we have to check is the build quality of the treadmill & its frames.

The treadmill frames must be made of high-quality material so that they may support the user weights, hold the equipment and its joints, provide durability and stability to the treadmill. 

The two most important materials should be:

Steel – It tends to be sturdy. High-quality steel Support the user weight easily and it is used as making the treadmill durable and stable.

Aluminium – Aluminium is Low in weight compared to steel but it is used as providing the smooth movement of its parts.

Points: In Several Types of treadmills, the frames are made of the combine of these two materials that are Steel & Aluminium.

Now, The Next point is…

2. Inclination:

The Inclination features or mechanism must be provided on the treadmill. It is helpful for those people who love to perform HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). 

In Motorized Treadmill, the inclination is automatic and the good thing is people do prefer Motorized products. 

Coming back to our point…

The Inclination should be automatic and ranges from 0-15 levels. In simple words, the treadmill must offer us an automatic inclination system up to 15 levels. 

So that, by using the level one by one, we can perform harder and enhance our stamina. For weight loss, perform on the inclined surface. (Beginner start from level 1  inclination)

Another pros of having the Auto Inclination settings is while running on the treadmill, we can incline the running deck or increase the level of inclination with help of buttons. 

There’s no need to get off the treadmill in order to set or change the inclination level as is a manual treadmill.

Performing on incline treadmill calories burned – 400-450 calories per hour.

Performing on the treadmill (without inclination) calories burned – 250-300 calories per hour.

3. Running Deck Dimensions:

In most of the treadmills, the running deck ranges from 45 – 65 inches. You have to check the dimensions of the deck before buying.

Because It should be ideal in dimensions so that while performing on the deck we may not feel uncomfortable due to poor space.

As a matter of fact, we can determine the size of deck according to our use or purposes. 

In simple words, if you want to purchase a treadmill just for walking on a daily basis then you should choose the machine with 45 inches dimensions of deck. 

On the other hand, if you are a tall person and your goal is to jogging and running on the treadmill and performing High intensity exercises.

In that case, I would recommend that you must choose more than 45 inches of deck.

4. Running belt:

The running belt is located on the top of the running board. Generally, The belt quality is made of polyvinyl chloride rubber. 

The width of home use treadmill ranges from 1.4 mm to 1.66 mm. Whereas,

The width of a commercial treadmill ranges from 2 mm – 2.6 mm.

The running belt plays an important role in providing a cushioning effect. Thereby, it makes us feel comfortable and reduce the impact on the knee, sole, ankle and joints while running.

If the attached belt is not made of good quality material then it will start impacting on our knee. 

The another advantage of this belt is, it prevents electric shock.

5. Weight Capacity:

Most of the treadmills that are available in the market can support upto 120 kgs. Whereas, the advanced commercial treadmill handle more than 120 kilograms.

The important key point is:

Select the treadmill that can support 20 kgs more of your actual body weight. 

For example:

If your body weight is 100 kilograms then in that case you have to choose the best treadmill in India for 120 kg.

6. Motor:

The motor is the most important part of the treadmill because the overall performance (such as speed, durability) depends upon the quality and the power of the motor.

The motor of the treadmill is considered in the units of HP & CHP. The full form of Hp is Horse Power and CHP in continuous horsepower.

In both units, CHP is a quite main unit that describes how much powerful motor it is & during the movement of the motor at high speed it provides stability or not.

So, Speaking of its motor then the main question is how to choose the best motor for our uses?

According to the experts, the best guide would be:

For walking or jogging purposes:

The Motor Must be 2 or 2.5 CHP.

For running or buying treadmill for gym:

The Motor Must be 3 or more CHP.

7. Suspension & shock absorber:

The various types of shock absorber are equipped in the treadmill that includes:

1. Running belt of 1, 2 or 3 ply.

2. Springs attached under the deck work as shock absorber

3. Rubberized cushion – reducing the impact.

In terms of reducing the impact on your joints & knees, all of these mechanisms do work. 

It is not necessary that the treadmill you are going to buy has all of these specifications for shock-absorbing nevertheless you have to make sure because it is also an important aspect.

8. Overheating:

Apparently, overheating of the treadmill motor happens due to several reasons that are:

1. Cheap kind of motor start overheating in very short time.

2. If the running belt isn’t quite lubricated then the motor will begin to overheat.

3. If the person who is walking on the treadmill has more weight than the Max weight capacity of the treadmill then the motor will start overheating quickly.

4. Using the treadmill for more than 1.5-2 hours in a single go can lead to overheating of motor.

9. Warranty

On the treadmill, Brands offers warranty on motor, parts and frames separately. 

9. Safety Key

In most of the treadmills, the safety Key is provided as buttons or rope. The main purpose of providing these features is to immediately stop the treadmill. 

Another good thing is, for some reason if we start feeling uncomfortable or losing our control while running on the treadmill then by using this safety Key, we may prevent or reduce the risk of falling off the treadmill.

The safety rope of one end is a kind of magnetic pin that is attached to the panel of the treadmill and the other end consists of a clip that is clipped on the t-shirts of users. 

All of a sudden, If you had to emergency stop the treadmill then in that case, just pull the safety rope after that the treadmill belt will stop moving.

10. Speed:

The treadmills offer various speed ranges such as up to 15km/hrs or 20 km/hrs. So, as we all have known that speed of the treadmill depends upon how much powerful the motor is. 

If the motor is high in CHP and works on some kind of technology then it will surely achieve the good speed. 

However, you will be able to check the speed at your range. The commercial treadmill offers high-speed ranges compared to home based treadmills.

11. Control Panel:

All helping buttons and wide LCD must be included in the control panel of the treadmill so that we can access the features conveniently by pressing the buttons.

12. Foldable:

By the way, from my viewpoint, a foldable system is important if you are looking to buy treadmill.

If you want to buy the best treadmill in India for home use then you have to check the treadmill that offers a foldable system so that you can fold, if machine is not in use. 

Due to this function or speciations, it doesn’t take a lot of space to place. Moreover, if wheels are equipped underneath the treadmill then it can move easily.

Whereas, if we talk about a high-end treadmill that is usually used in gym then in this case few machines offer the soft hydraulic system to fold the treadmill.

13. Preset Programs:

In many advanced treadmills, several kinds of preset Programs is pre-installed. This includes many types of exercise, workout programmes & inclination training.

By following these programs, you will be able to lose weight in short time as well as replace your boring routine with an effective new routine.

14. Lubrication:

Lubrication of the treadmill should be done once in 3 months because by doing this, we can enhance the life and performance of the treadmill.

If any treadmill comes with auto lubrication specification then in this case, lubricating that treadmill is much easier. 

Whereas, in a manual treadmill, lubrication can be a bit difficult.

If we don’t lubricate properly, the motor of the treadmill will start overheating, running deck and belt will also keep on rubbing against each other and won’t provide us with the smoothing effect while running on the treadmill.

15. Power Usage:

You may be thinking that the treadmill consumes a lot of electricity. Well, the answer to this statement can be yes and no.

The moment you will start using the high  CHP motors or high range treadmill (3 or more CHP), these kinds of machines will begin to consume a lot of electricity.

In simple words, a high range treadmill, as well as a high CHP motor, consumes a lot of electricity. 

Whereas, a mid-range treadmill consumes low electricity. So, you have to check then select.

If we talk about non-motorized then it works without electricity so there is no need to worry about the consumption of electricity.

16. Additional features:

Additional features include:

1. Music Speakers

2. Aux cable

3. Wide LCD monitor

4. Bottle holders

5. Heart rate measurement 

6. Equipped with small gym equipment

You can choose what kind of extra features you need in a treadmill. It is up to you whether these are important features from your viewpoint or not.

These were the all buying guide of best treadmill in India that will surely help you to get a durable and high performance treadmill. After reading these buying guides properly, your problem on how to choose a treadmill for home use in India will be solved permanently.

Manual Treadmill vs Motorized (Electric) Treadmill – Pros and Cons

There are a  lot of people who want to know the difference between Manual and Motorized because they often have confusion regarding this. 

Manual Treadmill vs Motorized (Electric) Treadmill

In that case, I will explain their advantages and some difference so that you can clearly understand them. After knowing this topic, you will be able to buy a treadmill according to your uses.

As we all know that there are two types of treadmill that are:

1. Manual Treadmill, and

2. Motorized or Electric Treadmill.

Let us understand one by one.

1. Manual Treadmill:

This kind of treadmill doesn’t work with electricity. In this treadmill, neither any motor nor any kind of technical features is provided. The running belt is added on the roller. 

Unless you move your feet, the running belt won’t move. In simple words, the belt or roller doesn’t move automatically, we will have to apply force with feet in order to move this belt. By doing this, it takes a lot of energy and tired our leg within a few minutes.

Nowadays, brands are launching manual tread with curved running decks to make us feel more comfortable and provide a smooth moving experience.

2. Motorized Treadmill:

If we talk about this treadmill then we all know that it works with electricity. Along with that, a lot of features are provided on this treadmill to enhance the user experience. 

It has a pre-installed motor that allows the running belt to move. 

Many health experts suggest to use motorized treadmills. It is suitable for both gym and home use. In the aspects of gym use, these are sturdy and highly durable.

Whereas, for home use, it comes with a hydraulic fold function. By using this function, we can fold and store this Treadmill.

Now, let us know their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Manual Treadmills:

1. Manual treadmill comes at affordable prices. If you are a student and your budget doesn’t allow to go with expensive Treadmills then I would recommend you to go with Manual Treadmills.

2. It offers a manual Inclination function. We can push our progress by performing an inclination workout. Change or set the inclination level according to performance & capacity.

3. Undoubtedly, this treadmill has nothing to do with electricity. Thereby, we don’t need to worry about any electricity bill.

4. In terms of safety, this treadmill is perfect because it doesn’t run automatically. To stop the treadmill, you will have to stop running.

5. There are a lot of manual treadmills are being launched in the market that is quite sturdy and durable. Their frames are made of high-quality alloy steel materials that are altogether long-lasting.

Disadvantages of Manual Treadmills:

1. There is no shock absorption function is added to this treadmill. Due to that, our sole, ankle & joints can be impacted. 

2. Carrying this treadmill from one place to another is a very tedious job. A single person won’t be able to carry or store anywhere.

3. There are no technical or helpful features are provided that may help you during running or jogging.

4. Manual Inclination is the best function but changing the level of inclination may be boring. You will have to step off the treadmill each and every time.

5. It can create a kind of metallic sound while running. It doesn’t provide a noiseless experience.

Advantages of Motorized treadmill:

1. The running belt is moved with help of a motor. Even, the speed of the movement depends on the HP of the motor.

2. The Auto Inclination features is provided on the treadmill. We can set or change the inclination level of the treadmill by just pressing the button & no need to step off the deck.

3. It can be folded and moved easily due to soft hydraulic function and attached transportation wheels at the base. By using these, we can easily move and store this treadmill in our home & save a lot of space.

4. A 10 – 15 preset workout program are added in this treadmill so that the user can follow that workout program to achieve faster result during the journey.

5. A safety key feature is provided. It is a kind of rope clip & magnetic pin. With help of this, you can force stop the treadmill in order to reduce accidents. I have explained about the safety key.

6. The frames of the Motorized treadmill are sturdy, durable & long-lasting. It can run without creating any noise. Even, while running, it doesn’t shake or vibrate.

7. You can check your total burned calories, track your time, speed & distance and measure your pulse rates.

8. This kind of treadmill is suitable for every age person such as eldery, housewives, 9 to 5 job person and gym goer.

9. If you want to look for best treadmill for gym in India, you can trust on motorized treadmills. These are long-lasting products. Moreover, In the case of broken or defective spares, the warranty will resolve that.

Disadvantages of Motorized Treadmills:

1. Motorized treadmills are expensive compared to manual. You should have a decent amount of budget in order to purchase these smart Treadmills.

2. Motorized treadmill work with electricity. Thereby it consumes a good amount of electricity. By the way, How much power a treadmill will consume depends entirely on its motor and HP.

If the treadmill is designed for home use then their electricity consumption will not be very high. 

Whereas, a commercial treadmill consumes a good amount of electricity.

3. In very few cases, some treadmill doesn’t provide accurate measurements. 

My View:

These were the pros n cons of the motorized and manual treadmills. Speaking of the best & high-performance treadmill then I would strongly recommend you to go with Motorized Treadmill. 

It may cost you a bit expensive but they come with a lot of features which are quite interesting & incredible. Besides, it will help you a lot during your fitness journey.

Few words before wrapping up:

In the last few words, all I want to say is that:


Although our lifestyle has become hectic (very busy), we will have to give at least 20 minutes a day to our health. Trust me, 20-25 minutes of cardio exercises are good enough to keep your mind and body healthy.

It doesn’t mean that we may start going to the gym and performing intense workouts. As I explained that running on the treadmill has a lot of health benefits

Now, the important point is:

If we talk about the treadmill, my first recommendation for you would be Powermax Fitness TDA 230 & Maxpro PTM 405. The Powermax treadmill are the best selling treadmill in India. It is altogether suitable for home & gym use. Even, you can get this at a very affordable price.

So, what are waiting for? If you have any queries related to the best treadmill in India, let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. Which treadmill is good manual or automatic?

Automatic or Motorized, I always prefer to people. These are having advanced features that may help a person in their workout session and make the feel convenient.

The manual treadmill doesn’t offer any advanced features but if you haven’t a high budget you are good to go with a manual treadmill.

Q. Can I run on a treadmill with a cracked deck?

No, In case of a cracked deck, you have to contact customer care and tell them about the problem in order to make them repair or change the deck.

If you won’t and keeps on running on the cracked deck then the chances of falling off while running can be increased.

Q. Do treadmills break easily?

The frames of the treadmill are made of high-quality materials such as alloy steel, stainless steel and carbon steel etc so that they won’t break easily.

In some cases, if these are damaged then there are a lot of brands that offer a lifetime warranty on frames.

The treadmill can break in such cases if an overweight person has more bodyweight than the treadmill’s maximum user weight. By happening so, the deck and motor can be ruined.

Q. Are manual treadmills worth it?

According to their ranges, manual treadmills are for sure worth it but in terms of specification, if we compare them to motorized treadmills then it is not at all worth it.

The drawback of a motorized treadmill is, that these are in the category of expensive fitness equipments.

Q. Why is my treadmill so loud?

Some motor makes noise while running and the deck too when you are running on it. Although a lot of motor makes noise that is comparatively less.

If you are having a well built motorized treadmill and still you are facing that issue then contact the customer and tell them your problem.

In most cases, these problems will be created if the deck or motor is not lubricated properly.

Q. Do treadmills need maintenance?

Yes, Treadmill needs maintenance. We have to lubricate the motor and the running belt time to time so that it may not ruin. By doing so, we can increase the life of the treadmill.

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