The 9+ Best Whey Protein In India – March 2022

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In this post, along with the list of best protein powders, I will explain to you all the information related to whey such as – overview, pros n cons, FAQ & my honest perspective.


As we all know that protein plays an important role in developing our body & providing strength and energy. Overall, protein-based items should be added to our meals. But

In today’s busy lifestyle, we do not have enough time to prepare high-protein meals. In this situation,  To fulfil our daily protein requirements, the protein-based items could be replaced with whey protein

The benefits of consuming this are – it is easy to digest,  full fill your protein requirements & saves your time either. Apart from these, there are many more benefits of having whey protein which we will discuss further.

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Best Whey Protein in India 2022 – Updated List

 There are a lot of whey Protein brands are available in the market however, I have tried my best to present the list of high-quality protein powder products for you.

As a matter of fact, we go to the gym or does home workout such as walking, losing weight on the treadmill or jogging to maintain our fitness. In this case, we all want a good whey protein that helps to provide nutrition and stamina so that we can enhance our performance. Let’s have a look on all these.

1. Muscle Blaze Biozyme performance whey protein

Consuming protein in a good amount on the daily basis can lead you to your goal which would be muscle gain or fat loss. Along with this, to get a good amount of Protein & essential & non-essential amino acids, we will have to choose a quality-based product.

Muscle Blaze Biozyme performance whey protein

In this case, our very first product in the list of best whey protein in India is Muscle Blaze Biozyme Whey Protein that is quite suitable for the person who works hard for their goal.

This product is a blended protein of whey concentrate and isolate. Besides, If we talk about the quality of this protein, it is certified from Labdoor, USA & even enzymes are added to this that helps in absorption by 50 percent compared to any other products.

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 25 gram
Essential A.A – 11.75 gram
BCAA – 5.51 gram
Carbs – 3.02 gram
Sugar – 0
Fat – 1.98 gram
Scoop serving size – 36 gram

Overall, Mixability is good and no lump forms after shaking. This product is available in 4 – 5 different flavours.

  • 25-gram protein in a scoop
  • Labdoor approved from the USA
  • Added enzymes for better absorption
  • Good Mixability & lump free
  • No sugar is present in a scoop
  • No indigestion issue after having this
  • Better protein absorption
  • Price may be high

2. Optimum Nutrition gold standard whey protein

As we all know that optimum Nutrition is the most popular & large selling product around the world. Besides, it is commonly used by advanced-level athletes and bodybuilders because of its superb quality material. 

Optimum Nutrition gold standard whey protein

Basically, This product is a blended protein of isolate, concentrate and peptides in which the primary source is Whey Isolate.

Buying this product is worthwhile for everyone because of its high-quality material, it helps in:

Fast recovery of muscle
Easy digestion
Build muscle and help in weight loss too
Full fill your daily protein requirements.

This product is good at Mixability and forms no lump after shaking. It is also available in different sizes and flavours.

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 24 gram
Essential A.A – 11 gram
BCAA – 5.5 gram
Carbs – 3 gram
Sugar – 1
Fat – 1 gram
Scoop serving size – 30.4 gram

  • Popular & large selling products around the world
  • High-quality materials are used to make this
  • 24-gram protein in a scoop
  • Help in fast muscle recovery
  • Easy absorption
  • Good Mixability and lump-free
  • Delicious in taste
  • The authenticity checking process is mentioned
  • Artificial sweetener and emulsifier are added
  • Expensive

3. As-it-is nutrition whey protein

If you are looking for the best protein powder for beginners in India at an affordable price then you should definitely try this whey protein because I have also tried this product.

As-it-is nutrition whey protein

As it is brands launches their supplement including whey protein without any flavour. Therefore the name is as it is. 

This Asitis whey protein is certified by Labdoor and contain 90 percents of scoop in this pack. In one scoop you will get approx 27 grams of protein.

Needless to say, this whey protein is made of good quality and it contains a high amount of BCAA. using this product in your daily life leads to your goal.

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 27 gram
Essential A.A – 12.19 gram
BCAA – 5.93 gram
Carbs – 0.5 gram
Sugar – 0
Fat – 0.3 gram
Scoop serving size – 30 gram

Surprisingly, it has not added any emulsifier, flavours or artificial sweetener and is made of single ingredients which is good for our health. Mixability is good and forms not so many lumps.

  • The Primary Source is whey isolate
  • No added sweetener and emulsifier
  • 27-gram protein in a scoop
  • Affordable price
  • Contains no sugar
  • Protein is made of single ingredients
  • Unflavored having said that tastes like milk
  • For some people, it is not easy to digest
  • No taste
  • Quality should be improved

4. Dymatize nutrition elite whey protein

Are you fond of building a good body?

If yes, you must focus on your diet. Moreover, you will have to complete your daily requirement of protein so that you may increase your stamina, recover your muscle and reach towards your goal of muscle build or fat loss. 

Dymatize nutrition elite whey protein review

By considering these things, I want to share a product with you that is Dymatize Elite whey protein. It is very popular around the world and used by every fitness person.

This product is imported from the United States of America and is quite made of high-quality materials that ensure, it is safe to consume and easy to digest. 

The three most advantages of having these whey proteins are fast in digestion, easy to absorb more protein. Besides, the L-Leucine BCAA is added to this product that helps us in fast recovery and build of muscles. 

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 25 gram
BCAA – 5.5 gram
Carbs – 4 gram
Sugar – 1 gram
Fat – 2 gram
Scoop serving size – 36 gram

It is a blend of whey isolate and concentrate in which isolate is primary. In addition, Mixability is good and lump-free…

  • High-quality products
  • 25 gm per serving
  • Fast absorption
  • Enzymes help in digestion
  • Primary Source is Isolate
  • Superb taste
  • Contains salt, artificial flavours and sucralose

5. Muscle Blaze beginners whey Protein

As for the beginners who struggle to achieve their goal, want to full fill the protein intake and get a better muscle recovery. For such people there is a very good protein supplement is available under the market.

Muscle Blaze beginners whey Protein

The product is Muscleblaze whey Protein which is for beginners that offers a quality based protein with no added sugar or trans fat. Here, the main protein source of this product is whey isolate. 

We all know that Muscleblaze is a very popular brand in India that manufacture health supplements but to purchase a good protein powder as per this factor is not enough.

Therefore, the brand ensures us that this product is approved from the NABL test. In this process, the quality and authenticity of the protein have to be checked.

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 12 gram
BCAA – 2.6 gram
Carbs – 12.6 gram
Sugar – 0 gram
Fat – 0.96 gram
Scoop serving size – 30 gram

This good mixability and lump-free protein powder is available in 4 to 5 different flavours. Furthermore, you will get a shaker with this product. Isn’t it amazing?

  • 12 grams protein per scoop
  • Quality test certified
  • 650 ml shaker inside this product
  • Affordable
  • Good mixability
  • Available in smooth chocolate flavour
  • Contains Maltodextrin
  • Protein quality should be improved

6. Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein

Do you want a special type of whey protein that works in developing overall health, reducing tiredness and helping in quick muscle recovery besides providing protein quantity and help in the journey?

Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein

If yes, then I would like to explain about the product that is Himalaya Quista Pro. Which has been liked and demanded by a lot of fitness freaks. 

We all know that Himalaya is a trusted company that produces many types of stuff under health and wellness. This product contains some ayurvedic medicine along with whey powder that plays an important role in building muscle. Anyone can use this product except children. 

The 3 ayurvedic herbs are:


These all herbs help in improving stamina & bone health, get you better sleep, improve digestion, reduce tiredness and soreness of muscle apost-workoutout recovery.

Apart from this, if we talk about this product, it is a blend of all 3 proteins that are concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. The taste and Mixability are good and form no lumps.

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 22 gram
BCAA – 5.0 gram
Carbs – 8.6 gram
Sugar – 0 gram
Fat – 0.85 gram
Whey peptides – 550 mg
Glutamic acid – 3.1 gram
Scoop serving size – 34 gram

  • Added ayurvedic herbs to this product
  • 22-gram protein per scoop
  • Mixability & lump free
  • Easy absorption
  • Taste good
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Blended of Isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate
  • Maybe overpriced for some people

7. Muscle tech Nitrotech performance series whey protein

This product is very popular around the world and commonly used by athletes, gym freaks and bodybuild because it offers high quality and pure whey protein.

Muscle tech Nitrotech performance series whey protein

This best protein powder is a blend of Isolate, peptides and concentrates where isolate is considered as the primary source. Moreover, it is considered as a complete source of protein because creatine monohydrate, which is a supplement is added to it that helps in fast muscle growth.

If we talk about the quality of this product, during the manufacturing of this product, there is a filtration process, in which the liquid whey is filtered by microfiltration & ultrafiltration process. This process are able to remove fat, bad carbs, sugar and even bacteria from liquid whey. Thereby, we can get the best whey protein in India for muscle gain and fat loss.

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 30 gram
BCAA – 6.8 gram
Sugar – 2 gram
Fat – 0.85 gram
Leucine – 3.3 gram
Glutamin – 5 gram

It has good mixability and forms no lump. Even, you can get this product with or without creatine monohydrate. It is good in taste and has a lot of flavours.

  • High-quality whey protein
  • Good mixability & lump free
  • Easy to digest and good absorption
  • Made with ultrafiltration process
  • 30-gram protein per scoop
  • Creatine monohydrate is added
  • Top selling products in the USA
  • 2gram sugar and may be costly

8. My protein Impact whey isolate

My protein Impact is another best affordable protein powder for beginners on this list. Furthermore, contains high quality and a decent amount of protein and is enriched with l – glutamine that helps to recover muscles. Such people who want to gain weight or loss weight can use this product.

My protein Impact whey isolate

This product is not blended protein. It contains whey concentrate and an emulsifier that comes in no flavour but the good thing is, it is made of a single material and is not added any preservatives and artificial sugars.

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 21 gram
BCAA – 4.5 gram
Carbs – 1 gram
Sugar – 1 gram
Fat – 2 gram
Glutamine – 3.6 gram

Overall, Mixability is good and no lump form and better protein absorption. Speaking of flavour, it offers 8-10 flavours.

  • Lab test approved
  • Contains low sugar and carbs
  • Mixability is good
  • 21 gm of protein
  • Helps in post-workout recovery
  • 3.6-grams glutamine
  • Best for gains and fat loss
  • No other elements added to ingredients
  • Quality should be improved
  • Contains emulsifier
  • Some flavours may not mix properly

9. Big Muscle Nutrition Premium Gold whey protein

The big Muscle gold whey protein leads to your aim of muscle build or fat loss because it contains 25 grams of protein in a scoop. Along with that, it is a blend of concentrate and isolates.

Big Muscle Nutrition Premium Gold whey protein

Overall, if we talk about the quality of this whey protein –

It is certified by Labdoor 
Contains no sugar and preservatives
Made with ultrafiltration process
Easy to digest and good absorption

It is good in Mixability and forms no lump. Along with this, it is available in 5-6 different flavours. Suitable to complete daily protein intake, progress in the journey and make you feel energized.

1 Scoop of this protein contains:

Protein – 25 gram
BCAA – 5.6 gram
Carbs – 6.5 gram
Sugar – 0 gram
Glutamic acid – 4 gram
Per serving scoop – 35 gram

  • Labdoor approved
  • Made with ultrafiltration process
  • Mixability is good
  • Enhanced performance and muscle recovery
  • Amino acids are presented in a good amount
  • No sugar contains
  • 25 gram of protein
  • Good mixability and easy absorption
  • Sweeteners and flavouring substances are added

These were the list of best whey proteins which I have mentioned above. All you need to do is to check and select the product that suits for according to body type, goal and activities.

How to choose the best whey protein – Buying Guide

Before buying the whey protein you should have to take care of every single point which I listed below.

1. Contents 

This is a very crucial thing that matters in every single whey protein product. Let’s have a look at some points.

Check the ingredients which have been included in it.

  • Make sure that which all essential & non-essential amino acids are present in that product.
  • Check How much protein will I get in one scoop?
  • How much protein, carbs, fat and sugar are present in that particular product? (Out of 100%)

2. Quality of protein

It is also an important point to check the quality of protein in any product. Because there are many duplicate protein products are available under Indian market. 

Check thoroughly, the brand, their process to make, and the item, they added during the manufacturing of whey protein. By the way, all these things have been mentioned by the company, on the package of the product.

However, you don’t need to go here & there because I will further tell you in the review section.

3. Easy in digestion

Usually, whey proteins are easy to digest. Even, In some products, digestive enzymes are added so that they could digest easily.

If you have a weak digestion system then it can cause gas problems.

4. Protein per scoop 

Ensure that how much protein is available in 1 scoop. Along with this, also check the amount of carbs & fat in that one scoop. Most products provide between 22-28 grams of protein in one scoop. Quality & prices also matter.

5. Flavour & taste

The taste depends upon the flavours of protein. Whey Protein comes in several types of flavours such as – chocolate, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, etc… These types of flavour based protein are available in the high range.

Whereas, some brand launches the protein with any flavour. They are tasteless and low in price. You can go with your own choice.

6. Mixability

Whey protein should be mixed properly with liquid drinkable substances such as milk, water, or juice after shaking for a while and couldn’t form lumps too.

7. Cost

Cost depends upon the quality of protein, flavours imported products, and types of protein such as Isolate, Concentrate, and Hydrolyzed.

8. Source

You have to make sure that the protein you are going to buy is:

  • Trusted brands
  • Whether the product is approved from lab test or not?
  • Check the product is imported or what?
  • Which all ingredients have been used during the manufacturing of whey protein?

These were some important buying guides on best protein powder in India 2021 that should be followed by you in order to get better product.

How Whey protein powder is made

By the way, Whey Protein is generally manufactured in the factories, in the very large amount. However, as per my research, the processes are:

1. Firstly, A large amount of milk goes in the process of pasteurisation. In this process, all harmful bacterias, which is present in milk, is removed and made it safe & pure for consumption. 

2. Secondly, Upon Pasteurisation, the clean milk is carried to the cheese factory where it is separated. After that, it turns into curd, milk solids and whey liquid in the process of cheese making.

3. Thirdly, In this step, Whey liquid is strained with the large strainer and further, it goes for purification in the process of pasteurisation & filtration and the leftover curd cheese is used to make other dairy products.

Here, the main purpose of repurification is to remove fat, carbs, water & sugar from the liquid whey. 

4. Fourthly, the liquid whey goes to the dryer process. In the dryer machine, the hot and the cold air are presented that remove kinda solid and liquid contents. 

Eventually, this process turns the liquid whey into powder form. Now, our whey protein powder is ready. 

[Flavours and digestive enzymes are also added in this procedure.]

5. In the final stage, before packaging this powder, there are lots of lab tests is done such as its mixability, taste, quality & contents etc. 

After getting approval from the laboratory, the whey protein powder is ready for packaging.  

Types of Whey protein

 1. Whey Concentrate :

Whey Concentrate is commonly used by beginners. It has a low protein content. This comes with flavour and unflavored both. Thereby the price of this protein is not so costly.

Total Macros in Whey Concentrate

  • Protein -> 60 – 70 %
  • Carbs, Fat & Sugar -> 30 – 35 %

2. Whey isolate :

If we talk about Whey Isolate then it is also commonly used by beginner, intermediate or advanced athletes. Although It contains more protein than concentrate. Therefore, It is costly than Concentrate.

Your Goal is either muscle gain or fat loss, it is suitable for both factors. Even, this protein is also sold in different flavours. Thereby, Prices also fluctuate.

Total Macros in Whey Isolate

  • Protein -> 80 – 85 %
  • Carbs, Fat & Sugar -> 15 – 20 %

3. Whey Hydrolyzed :

Whey Hydrolyzed is commonly used by athletes and advanced bodybuilders. The price of this protein is also very high. if you compare it with whey Isolate, then it is 2 times more expensive than that.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate level person, then you do not need this protein at all, you can use Whey Isolate or whey concentrate.

Total Macros in Whey Hydrolyzed

  • Protein -> 95 %
  • Carbs, Fat & Sugar -> 1 – 5 %

These were some information regarding whey protein that will surely help you while choosing or buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is unflavored protein powder good?

Yes. Unflavored proteins don’t contain any type of artificial flavours or sweeteners. They are made from 1 single ingredient. Although, you can add sugar to make your protein shake sweet.

Q. Why whey protein is good for you?

Whey protein powder is the best and clean option for anyone. It will help you in your muscles gain & weight loss journey as well as fulfil your daily protein intake. These are tastier and can easily be digested. 

Q. How much whey protein should I take in a day? 

According to health experts, we can easily have 1 – 2 scoops of protein in a day. All we have to do is take 1 scoop of whey protein in the breakfast and the other scoop as Pre-workout.

Q. Which whey protein is best in India?

There are a lot of companies are available in India that provides high-quality whey protein powder such as Muscleblaze, Optimum Nutrition, Asitis, Dymatize Big muscle & My Fitness. I would recommend you to go with ONN & Big muscles.

Q. How is whey protein bad for you?

As a matter of fact, whey protein is not bad but if you are having it excessively in a day then you may be having stomachache, headache and indigestion problems and will start affecting your kidney as well.


1. Include Whey Protein in your diet daily, so that you could get the Essential and Non – Essential Amino Acids in a certain proportion and full fill your daily requirement of protein.

2. If your lifestyle is not very active, then use it only for 1 scoop throughout the day but if you are a gym person and loves to perform every workout then I would recommend you to add 1-1 scoop of whey protein in pre and post workouts.

3. Do not depend solely on whey protein.  Work out daily and follow a healthy diet.

Out of all these best whey proteins in India, Which product surprised you the most.

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