Cockatoo CTM 101 Treadmill Review – 2.5 HP Powerful Motor

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If you have no time to go to the gym then choosing the best treadmill for performing workout at your home would be an ideal option. 

Furthermore, if you are a owner of a gym & want to purchase a treadmill that should be highly durable and provide superior performance to the user. 

Our today’s post is all about cockatoo ctm 101 treadmill review, which is quite popular, stable and has a lot of amazing features. 

Let’s straight dive into the product review.

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Cockatoo CTM 101 Treadmill Review – 2022

Before buying any treadmill, we must understand about the product & their specification. 

Cockatoo CTM-101 Treadmill Review

By taking care of all these points, we have researched for long hours so that we can provide genuine information related to a particular product to our readers.

1. Build Quality:

It is a crucial factor that should be checked whether the high-quality material has been used in the manufacturing of treadmill & its frames or not.

In this treadmill, very high-quality alloy steel materials are used. Due to this material, the treadmill is durable and stable and can easily handle up to 120 kgs of user weight.

2. Motor Types:

On this treadmill, a 2.5 HP of powerful & long-lasting DC motor is equipped. This treadmill tends to perform smoothly without creating any noise. 

3. Speed:

The speed of the treadmill depends upon its motor. The higher the HP of the motor is, the more It will provide speed. 

If we talk about the speed of this treadmill, it ranges from 0.8-14.8 kph which is sufficient for a person who is fond of running on the treadmill.

4. Inclination:

This cockatoo treadmill review includes inclination settings. Performing inclination workout can lead to faster weight lose & better cardiovascular health. If you think that workout at home is a time pass then it is just irony.

Performing on the inclined surface on the treadmill helps you burn your calories faster. 

This treadmill offers manual inclination upto 3 levels of incline that is suitable for runners, athletes or normal people.

5. Shock Absorption & Deck Dimensions:

The super shock reducing function has been equipped under the deck. In a manual or low price treadmill, there is no function has been equipped for shock absorption. 

Thereby, while running, jogging or walking on the treadmill, it starts impacting on joints & ankles. 

If we talk about the dimensions of the running surface, it is 16.5 X 49.6 inches which are quite suitable and comfortable for runners.

6. Foldable:

The foldable function is not very important, if you are looking to buy a treadmill for gym use but in case of home use, the treadmill should be designed so that it may fold.

This cockatoo CTM 101 stainless steel Treadmill is designed for space-saving. With help of soft drop system, this machine can be folded very easily. By doing this, we can save a lot of space in our home.

7. Movable:

The transportation wheels are attached at the base of treamill. Thereby, we can move this treadmill from one room to another.

8. Console: 

The wide console is installed on the treadmill. In the console, the 5 inches of LCD and controlling buttons are provided where you can track speed, calories, distance and pulse rate. 

Moreover, USB port and mp3 players are provided in the console & the bottle holder space is given next to console.

9. Safety:

By keeping in the mind of user safety, it comes with a safety clip in which the first end of the rope is a magnetic pin that is attached below the console and other end is a kind of clip, you have to clip on the user’s t-shirt. 

The purpose of providing this feature is, suppose that if you are running on the treadmill. All of a sudden, you start losing your balance then you can pull the clip to force stop the treadmill to minimise the possibility of falling off the treadmill.

10. Heart rate measurements:

The heart rate tracking function that is provided on handrails is able to track your heart rate. 

All you have to do is, hold the handrails while running. 

Handrails are very helpful in terms of safety aspects.

11. Warranty:

In the aspects of warranty, you will be offered 3 Years on the motor, 1 year on parts & lifetime warranty on frames…

12. Pre-installed Workout programs:

There are 12 preset workout programs has been installed. By following these programs, you can successfully achieve your goal of weight loss or muscles building of glutes, calves & hamstrings.

We have covered almost every buying point in our article on cockatoo treadmill review that should be kept in mind before making purchases. Let us know if any point may have missed by us.

Cockatoo CTM 101 Treadmill Review – Pros n Cons

  • 2.5 HP Hi torque DC Motor
  • Can handle upto 120 kilograms
  • Speed: 0.8-14.8 kmph
  • Heart rate monitor on hand rails
  • 1 safety clip
  • Super shock reducing function is added
  • 5 inches of display
  • Manual Inclination upto 3 levels of incline
  • 12 preset workout programs are provided
  • Foldable with soft drop function
  • USB Port, Mp3 & bottle holders
  • Transportation wheels for easily moving
  • 3+1+lifetime warranty
  • Auto Inclination function should be added
  • Provided data for calories & distance may be a bit less accurate

Final words

This post on Cockatoo CTM 101 Treadmill review is to be ended and I have shared almost every single information & feature of this product. 

Few words i have to say is:

From my viewpoint, this is a budget-friendly Treadmills that offers a lot of functions & preset programs.

Whether you are looking for a home use treadmill or want to buy a commercial treadmill, it can suit in both aspects. 

These days, people have not enough time to go to the gym. It doesn’t mean that they keep on being sluggish. 

Performing exercises daily for at least 25 minutes can improve our mind & body wealth. In all these cases, the treadmill would play a very important role.

Cockatoo CTM 101 Treadmill Review – FAQs

Q. Can we fold this cockatoo CTM 101 treadmill?

Yes, you can with help of the soft drop folding function. Besides, after folding, you can store the treadmill in a small space. 

Q. Is this treadmill work without electricity?

No, it works with electricity. This 2 HP motor can consume upto 1.5 units of electricity per hour.

Q. Does this treadmill come with shock absorption?

Yes, This treadmill offers a super shock reducing function. Due to that, running on the treadmill can be comfortable.

Q. Is this treadmill comes with an auto lubrication function?

Lubrication of treadmills should be done time to time (once in 3 months) so that it can enhance the life of the treadmill. As a matter of fact, we have to manually lubricate the treadmill by putting the oil under both sides of the belt.

Q. Can we get a warranty after purchasing this treadmill?

Yes, you will get 3 years of warranty on motor, 1 year on spares and lifetime warranty on frames.

Thanks for reading this article.

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