Durafit Heavy Hike Treadmill Review – 5 HP Powerful Motor

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Our Today’s content is all about Durafit Heavy Hike Treadmill Review.

Even, It is a well built, good functionality and highly durable treadmill which I have to explain about it features and functions to you.

If you have visited to this blog then you willingly want to get an astounding treadmill as a product recommendation so that you can further move your process.

So, without wasting your valuable time. Let’s straight dive into our product review.

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Durafit Heavy Hike Treadmill Review

If you want to purchase a superb performance treadmill for your domestic use then it can fit for the purpose.

durafit heavy hike review

Along with that, Durafit is a trusted and well-known brand that is known for manufacturing various types of health equipments or machines.

Coming back to our point…

Further, I am going to review this treadmill on the basis of features, function or specifications whatever it is known as. So, our review also includes buying guide points too so that you can understand better.

Let’s get started…

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1. Build Quality:

This is the crucial point to check. I always recommend our users to check the build quality first of all.

This Durafit Heavy Hike multifunctional treadmill has frames built of high-quality Alloy steel Material.

Due to that, the frames of this product are durable and highly stable. It can support up to the user’s weight of 120 kilograms.

2. Inclination function:

It is also an important function to check because if you are paying a high amount in order to purchase such type of product then you have to expect from a product that the Automatic Inclination function should be provided by the company.

This treadmill offers the Auto inclination function up to 16 levels.

3. Motor:

As a matter of fact, the overall performance of the treadmill depends upon the type, technology and HP of the motor.

A 5 HP heavy-duty DC motor is installed in this treadmill which runs very smoothly and tends to be noiseless.

4. Speed:

The speed of the treadmill should be up to the ideal speed. Speed also depends on the motor. This treadmill can provide a speed up to 16 kph which is altogether fine.

5. Suspension:

For shock absorption, this Durafit heavy hike treadmill offers a spring function that is added at the base. The benefit of this function is to avoid the hurting process of the joints of a user during the running sessions. Without this dura spring technology, our knees can be impacted by running on the treadmill.

6. Running Deck and Dimensions:

The dimensions of the running deck should be ideal for every height person. Speaking of this treadmill, the dimensions of the running surface are 1270X470 mm which is quite enough for everyone and you won’t feel uncomfortable while running.

The layering of gel cushion provided on the surface of the deck works as a shock absorber.

7. Foldable:

Yes! You heard it right…

This Durafit Heavy Hike multifunctional treadmill comes with a vertical hydraulic folding function.

The hydraulic allows us to fold the treadmill with ease.

In my perspective, it is a must-have function that should be presented so that by using this system we can save a lot of space in our homes.

8. LED:

In the controlling area, a mini but wide LED has been installed. On that LCD, we can track our process such as total calories burned, distance covered, pulse rate measurements, speed and so on.

9. Lubrication:

This treadmill comes with a semi-auto lubrication system. You have to lub properly the motor and running belt. The silicon oil bottle is provided in the product box.

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10. Warranty:

The overall warranty on the product will be offered are follow as:

  1. Motor – 3 years
  2. Frames – 5 years
  3. Product – 1 year

11. Preset workout program:

There are two types of Preset programs provided on this product. These are Incline and non Incline.

These workouts are very effective and for replacement of your old session of workout to new workouts, It will work great.

12. Safety Key:

The Safety key is added as a feature on this treadmill. The function of the safety Key is to force stop the treadmill. The reason behind providing this function is when a person starts losing their balance while running on the treadmill then they can use this function to force stop the treadmill and avoid getting hurt or falling off the treadmill.

These were the buying guide points related to Durafit Heavy Hike Review. I hope you will find some amazing functions. What’s you think? Let us know below.


I would strongly prefer you to go with only if you want to get it for domestic use. Everyone in our family members can run or take full advantage of this treadmill.

One more thing, in case of serious health condition you must consult to a doctor. If someone is not aware of its controlling function then they must use it under the supervision of some who is familiar with that.

If we talk about this particular treadmill, Durafit Heavy Hike is highly stable and durable and has a lot of features that will surely help to lose your body weight or keep your mind and body fit.

If you feel lethargic in going to the gym then using a treadmill would be great. Our article on Durafit Heavy Hike Treadmill Review is completed.


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