Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill Reviews – 2.25 HP Motor

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If you are looking for the best treadmill so that you may use to perform intense workouts. 

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Our today post is all about the Fitkit FT200 series Motorized Treadmill reviews that has a lot of amazing functions. Besides this, this product offers additional services. 

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Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill Reviews

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of companies that misguide us with their poor products. To provide the best recommendations product to our users, in today’s posts, I have selected this fitkit FT200 Treadmill machine. 

Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill Reviews

You may be thinking that what’s so special function or features in this product, Thereby it is being reviewed. 

Let us know with regards to the product.

1. Durability:

In the aspect of durability & stability, the high-quality alloy steel material is used in the manufacturing of the treadmill & its frames.

The higher the build quality of the product is, the more it will be durable & sturdy. One more thing, By using this material, the treadmill & its frames life can be enhanced.

2. Motor Types:

As we all know that the higher the HP of the motor is, it will deliver more power. Although, the high HP Treadmill is ideally suitable for both commercial & home use. 

This treadmill comes with 2.25 HP & 4.5 HP peak of powerful and heavy duty motor. It can create a bit of noise but remains stable while running. This treadmill is suitable for both uses. 

As for the low HP motor, it should be used as home use because these are less durable and can’t perform for a long moment as compared to that of the high HP Treadmill.

3. Inclination:

As we all know that performing on an inclined surface promotes weight loss ad improves our cardiovascular health. 

As for this treadmill, it comes with an automatic inclination function upto 15 level of incline. Thereby, you can change or set the inclination by using the buttons.

Whereas, In manual Treadmills, you can’t. You have to step off the treadmill in order to change the level of inclination.

The most important point that health experts advise us is, by running or jogging on the inclined surface, you can burn extra calories. 

4. Speed:

Due to the 2.25 HP powerful motor, it delivers up to 15 kilometres per hour. In simple words, the speed ranges from 1 – 15 kph.

The speed of the treadmill plays an important part in intense workouts. If you are a serious runner or athlete, it is ideal for you.

5. Lubrication function:

Lubrication of this fitkit ft 200 treadmill should be done at least once in 3 months. Lubrication can lead to the long-lasting performance of motor and treadmill.

This treadmill comes with an auto lubrication system. All you need to do is just add or put the silicone oil. 

It will auto lub the motor and especially the running belt. Thereby, our treadmill life can be enhanced and works super smooth.

6. Foldable & Movable:

The hydraulic foldable mechanism allows us to fold the treadmill with ease. Even, if you want to move the treadmill from one to another place then you can, with help of the equipped transportation wheels at the base.

If any Treadmill is designed in such a way that it can be folded and moved easily then most probably that would be suitable for home and gym use purposes.

7. Pre-installed workout programmes:

Whether you want to boost your performance or get an effective workout plan to reach your goal such as building calves, hamstrings & glutes muscles, weight loss and so on.

Along with that, you are offered 6 month access on workout session.

8. Safety: 

From a safety perspective, a safety rope is provided to force stop the treadmill in that case where you almost start losing your balance while running on the treadmill.

Even, by holding handrails you can support the balance.

As soon as you hold the handrail, it will start tracking your pulse rate. Surprisingly, the pulse rate measurements features are also added on this treadmill.

9. Console:

The 5.5 inches of LCD is installed on the console. besides, all-controlling buttons and safety magnetic rope pin are presented next to the display.

10. Dimensions:

The running deck dimensions are 1240 X 420 mm which is quite suitable for almost every age person. The self-weight of this machine is 55 kilograms.

11. Warranty:

In terms of warranty, this treadmill offers us 1-year warranty on the motor & some defective parts along with 3 years on steel frames.

12. Extra features:

If we talk about the extra options as features that are added on this treadmill are bottle holders, Speakers, Aux & USB Port and Time, speed, distance & calories tracker.

Besides these, After purchasing this treadmill, you will be offered 1 consultant with a doctor & diet & workout plan for 1 month absolutely free.

Fitkit ft200 series motorized treadmill reviews – Pros & Cons

  • 2.25 & 4.25 HP Peak DC Motor
  • Sophisticated and elegant design
  • Alloy steel material is used to manufacture the treadmill
  • Speed ranges from 1-15 kph
  • A safety key is added
  • 5.5 inches LCD
  • Automatic inclination upto 15 levels
  • Pulse rate tracking on hand rails
  • Can be folded and moved with ease
  • Automatic Lubrication function
  • 12 preset workout programs
  • 1 consultant with health experts
  • 1 diet & workout plan for a month
  • Aux, USB port, bottle holder, Fan & speakers
  • 3+1 year of warranties
  • The speakers sound is not impressive
  • Motor may create bit noise
  • Not found

Final Words:

The treadmill can be a better option for improving the overall health of your body. Due to a hectic lifestyle, we don’t have enough time to go to the gym. In that case, avoiding exercising and feeling lethargic all the time is not an ideal option.

This treadmill will surely help you during the exercise. It has a lot of features that make your job very easier. The most important thing is, by following the preset workout program which is installed on the treadmill, you will feel more confident and able to follow a proper way. 

This article on the fitkit ft200 series motorized treadmill reviews is finished. So, what are you waiting for? 

Let us know, what do you think about this product in the comments below.

Have a good day!!!!

Fitkit FT200 Review – FAQs

Q. Can this treadmill be inclined?

Yes, This treadmill comes with an automatic inclination function upto 15 levels of inclination. You can change or set the inclination of the deck by using or tapping buttons.

Q. Total HP of motor & electricity consumption per hour?

There is 2.25 HP powerful motor has been installed inside the treadmill. If we talk about the electricity consumption then it would be approx 1.55 units per hour.

Q. How much load this Treadmill can support upto?

This fitkit ft200 treadmill is designed in such a way that it can handle upto 110 kilograms of user body weight.

Q. What are the dimensions and running deck of the treadmill?

The dimensions of the treadmill are 1290×1680×705 mm. The running deck dimensions are 1240×420 mm.

Q. Does it offer shock reducing function?

Yes, it offers shock reducing cushion so that while performing on the treadmill, it won’t hurt our knee.

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