20+ Ingredients In Shampoo That Are Harmful For Your Hair

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Which shampoo are you using to wash or take care of your hair? Did you check the ingredients of your shampoo which is listed behind the shampoo bottle before purchasing? If don’t then it could be a matter of concern for you. I am not joking with you.

In this post, I am gonna tell you about, which all ingredients in shampoo that are harmful to your hair because using this shampoo for a long period can cause your hair damage badly.  

If you are suffering from any hair problems and unwillingly using toxic ingredients shampoo to cure these problems then my friend it won’t ever work. Let’s have a look at some harsh chemicals or ingredients.

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List of ingredients in shampoo that are harmful

1. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
2. Tetrasodium
3. Laureth
4. Stearth – 6
5. Artificial Colours
6. Fragrance
7. PEG-ns
8. Trideceth-H
9. Pesticides 
10. Cosmetic colours
11. Dimethicone
12. Sulphate
13. Paraben
14. Methylchlorosiothalzolinone
15. Polyquarterium-6
16. Triclosan
17. Phthalates
18. Formaldehyde
19. Diethanolamine
20. Quaternium-15 & many more

Because of these ingredients, we started to suffer from many types of hair problems, such as – hair fall, hair thinning & weak hair follicles. These harsh chemicals have a bad effect on our hair and it is true that we all have been using these types of shampoo unwillingly for many years. 

The reason behind this is – we weren’t aware of these types of things because there are many so-called shampoo product company lied to us on TV Ads. They often sell their stuff by saying this, our products contain 100 % natural ingredients. But, as far as I have researched, it ain’t true.

How to check the ingredients of shampoo

To check the ingredients of the shampoo or any product, all you need to do is – check the behind side of the container of shampoo. After this, you will get all ingredients that are included in your shampoo.

But, one more thing is – 

Some products mention their 100% ingredients and the rest of the products always hide their ingredient. In this case, you can easily get all 100% ingredients on the internet.

I know, this work is a bit complicated for you but if you find a good shampoo with zero harsh chemicals then this will surely help you to fix hair problems, however, for your convenience, I have listed some honest shampoo brands below.

These were some information related to harsh ingredients and how to identify whether these are present in shampoo or not? Got it!

Now, Further, I’ll let you know which all-natural ingredients should be contained in a shampoo in order to fix all hair problems as well as take special care of our hair.

Ingredients in shampoo to prevent/avoid hair loss & hair problems

To take care of our hair, an ayurvedic or natural ingredients based shampoo is very beneficial for our hair health. I am saying this because, some years ago, I was also suffering from hair fall and weak hair root, in that situation, I researched on internet, about how to fix hairfall problem. 

ingredients in shampoo that are good
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Even, I tried various types of hair shampoo and products. After too many struggles, Finally, I get what I needed. Let’s straight dive in.

1. Bhringaraj
2. Onion extract
3. Sesame seeds
4. Brahmi
5. Jojoba & sunflower
6. Castor
7. Aloe vera
8. Manjistha
9. Padmakath
10. Olive
11. Coconut
12. Lavender 
13. Root extract
14. Green tea herbal
15. Almond
16. Minoxidil
17. Sultaines
18. Betaines
19. Vitamin & antioxidants
20. Fatty acids

These are the best ingredients and should be included in shampoo so that it could work like magic in all hair problems. Isn’t it amazing…

I know, one question would be arise in your mind and that is – The shampoo which we are using has already contained some of the ingredients, then is it not the best shampoo?? The answer is –

I already told you that some brands hide their ingredient, they only show us nearly 50-70% content. Moreover, most of the shampoo comes with ayurvedic ingredients but in very little amount. 

If any brand states that our shampoo is aloe vera or Brahmi based then, it is not necessary that, they contain 100 per cent of Brahmi or aloe vera. Most probably, products have only 1-5% out of 100%. I am not talking about all hair products companies. 

This is the reason why am I saying you to research yourself and find which is good for you. Did you get it?

Keep reading the post to know which are good hair products or shampoo brands in India.

Best shampoo brands in India 2021

I am going to mention some good shampoo brands so that you will get the maximum benefit from them. These are my honestly researched brands on the internet. 

While researching, I have kept care of natural ingredients and the total amount added, in my mind. The good thing is – I also used some of the products out of the following listed brands. 

1. Mamaearth
2. WOW Science
3. Ustraa
4. Indulekha
5. Khadi organique

If you are confused among these shampoos then my first recommendation is to use Mamaearth products. It suits well for men as well as women. And, the second opinion is Ustra which is a men’s hair product. Moreover, you can easily find their hair products on online shopping sites or in the market.

A Quick Haircare Tips for you

If we are talking about ingredients and shampoo, then we should also know about hair care routines or tips to strengthen your hair and prevent many hair problems.

Ingredients in shampoo that causes weak hair.jpg
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But, I want to say you that only shampoo isn’t enough for your hair health. A good ayurvedic hair oil plays an important role in hair problems and even in daily routines of hair care. I have listed some good hair oil for you and it will be amazing for you.

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Here are the things to do :

1. Shampoo your hair twice a week.

2. Massage your scalp easily with fingertips at night.

3. Avoid a lot of hair products such as – wax, gel & cream.

4. Protect your hair from sunlight and dust.

5. Exercise daily for 30 minutes.

6. Hydrated yourself.

7. Don’t put so much stress on brain.

8. Try to cut unhealthy foods in your daily routine.

9. Drink copper charged water in the early morning with an empty stomach.

10. Sleep properly.

11. Consume protein on the daily basis. [1 GM X Your body weight]

These are the hair care tips from my side. I am recommending you because I have tried all of them. Thereby, I could stop my hair problems. Follow these tips and you will get to see the difference clearly.

Few Words Before Wrap Up

Eventually, all I want to tell you is –

1. Always check the ingredients of shampoo and the amount of ingredients present in that before purchasing.

2. A good product can cost you more than twice a regular shampoo but in order to nourish your hair, I think, this is a fair deal.

3. If you are facing any hair problems, don’t totally depend on hair oil, shampoo and other stuff. Follow the hair care tips, which I have listed above.

Thanks for your valuable time. Have a good day.

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