JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Review India 2022

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In today’s busy lifestyle having stress & fatigue in the body is very common. Especially, such type of peoples who work their job by sitting on the office chair from dawn to dusk has high chances of having these pains.

In such a situation, I want to ask you a question – what do you do to De-stress and reduce fatigue? 

I can guess that your answer would be –

By sleeping, 
Oiling the body,
Taking medicine or
Having a hot shower.

We know that these methods help in reducing such problems in but as per my research, these are not too effective. Although, the Leg massager machine works in relieving from leg pain only.

By considering the daily life stress and fatigue, In today’s post, I would like to tell you about an appliance or device that is JSB MZ 21 4D Massage Chair review.

This body massager helps to reduce fatigue, anxiety and stress with various massaging techniques and makes you feel happy. Let us know more about this body massager.

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What is a full-body massager?

The full-body massager is a device that is used for massaging purposes. As a matter of fact, the body massagers is a modern device and comes in big size such as a kind of a sofa.

Along with this, these have many types of features, massaging techniques and programmes is pre-installed in order to provide relief and enhance the user experience and comforts to the next level.

JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Review 2022

JSB is a very popular brand in India under the health care segment and has satisfied its customers by providing various smart products such as foot & leg massagers, treadmills and full body massage chairs.

Let us know about the features, pre-installed programmes, 4D massaging technologies and every single detail of this body massager. 

JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Review 2022

First Impressions & Dimensions:

This full-body massagers chair has a sophisticated design and the polycarbonate material is used. For providing comfort, the well soft cushioned has been added to enhance the comfort while massaging.

Massaging Function:

This machine offers 4D rollers movement and airbag massaging techniques which play an important role in providing massage on deeply points as well as on the calf, shoulder joint, knee joint and almost every part. 

It has 79 airbags are fitted inside the device in every required area. These airbags create pressure and provide a kneading effect on the body and enhance the comforts.

4D Rollers program delivers the massage from the upper back to the hips by rolling movement with a smoothing effect and also covers the long-reaching area on muscles.

Therapeutic massage is also an advanced technology that helps to target the deepest area. It majorly benefits in reducing stress, improving blood flow, reducing muscle soreness and even, making you feel happy and removing tiredness from the whole body.

Apart from that, the total massaging functions are:

1. Shiatsu techniques – An old Japanese technique

2. Kneading – has an effect on joints majorly.

3. Rubbing and heating – reduce soreness and relax the muscles. 

Dimensions and portability:

After installing this product the dimensions would be 64 x 33 x 51 inches. Moreover, the weight of the total product is 120 Kilograms.

It is portable. You can easy to keep it in your house because due to this design it won’t take so much space. 

Furthermore, it can be installed and reinstalled back.

Controlling System:

In order to operate this device or select the massaging techniques, set intensity, change the music and other things, we can use its controlling system. 

We can operate this body massager with help of either remote and quick launch buttons which is equipped on the armrest or via voice commands. Isn’t it a smart device?

Power Consumption:

If we talk about the per hour electric consumption of this massage then it would be 280 watts per hour approximately. 

Zero Gravity:

Zero gravity function reclines the chair or massaging position while giving the massage. Apparently, it has 73 inches of recliner length. After using the machine, it makes you feel that you are getting your body relaxed in the SPA and besides, it covers all muscle points.

Along with this, the yoga effect delivers a full-body stretching experience…


The brand offers you a 1-year warranty on this body massager. Besides, good customers support every time.

These were the specifications and the technologies of this smart JSB MZ21 Full body massager. I hope, you may have liked this product.

JSB MZ21 4D massage chair – Pros n Cons

  • Full body airbag & 4D roller massager
  • Operate through buttons and voice commands
  • Zero gravity and yoga stretching
  • Auto adjustable footrest height
  • Equipped with 79 airbags
  • Various massaging techniques
  • Soft and comfortable cushion
  • 73 inches recline length
  • 0.28 kW per hour electricity consumption
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • 1-year warranty and good customers support
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Few words before wrapping up

Using Smart devices has become a trend nowadays. Apparently, even body massagers is being loved by the people and they are happy with their satisfactory performance. 

This machine suits every age person such as the elderly and people like us. Anyway, we all know that an elderly person always suffers from joint pain and arthritis. In such conditions, they must use it after consulting to doctor.

Besides, If you are a gym dude then you would know that after doing a lot of workouts, it begin to be soreness in the muscle. In this case, this body massager chair removes tiredness and soreness in your muscles and help in fast recovery.

Have you enjoyed this article on JSB MZ21 4D massage chair? Let me know below.

JSB MZ21 4D massage chair – FAQs

Q. Total electricity consumption by this mz21 body massager?

It can consume upto 250 – 270 Watt of electricity.

Q. Does this machine offer any warranty?

Yes, after purchasing this device, you will get upto 1 year of warranty on this massager.

Q. What kind of massaging functions does this device offer?

This device offers various types of massage functions such as Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping, and rubbing. The 79 airbags are pre-installed that provide an efficient impact on body as massage.

Q. What are the dimensions of this mz21 body massager machine?

The dimensions are 64*33*52 inches and the product weight is 120 kilograms.

Q. What are the benefits of having a body massage with help of a massager?

The benefits are:

1. Reduce stress and make your mood happy
2. Eliminate the muscle pain, stiffness and soreness
3. Improves your sleep quality
4. Make you feel relaxed after a busy working day
5. Improve the overall blood circulation
6. improves your immune system health

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