Philips MG7715/15 Trimmer Review – For Attractive Beard look?

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Want to get rid of bushy beard?

This article will surely help you to fix that issue.

Our Today’s content is all about the Philips MG7715/15 Trimmer review.

In order to get the beard trim, we often go to the saloon and pay 100 rupees each and every time.

What if I say that you just have to change this process? For taking care of the beard, all you have to do is to make a purchase of good performance Beard Trimmer which has got a lot of useful features.

I am recommending you because I have been using a trimmer for beard care and trimming of body hair too.

Let us know the specifications of this Philips MG7715 Trimmer.

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Philips MG7715/15 Trimmer Review

Philips is a very trusted and well-known brand that offers or launches many types of beard and body trimmers and electric shavers beside other appliances.

Philips MG7715 Review

If I talk about this trimmer then I found that the Philips MG7715 Trimmer has an amazing customer response. Besides, along with the affordable price, It has a sleek design and a lot of features.

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Coming back to our main thing…

Let’s straight dive into the product review along buying guides point…

1. Trimmer Blades:

The steel blades tend to be self-sharpening. Even, it is designed with Dual cut technology. Thereby, it is able to provide sharp and doubles (2X) precision results as compared to normal blades.

In terms of multipurpose use, this skin-friendly blade can trim the hair, beard and body hair. In hygiene aspects, this blade is second to none.

2. Battery:

A lithium-ion battery is already fitted inside the trimmer. Overall, the performance of the battery is:

Philips MG7715 Battery and Charging

Takes 1 hour for a full charge.
Run up to 120 minutes after getting fully charged.

Besides, The surprising feature I found that, if you are in hurry and want to just trim or set your beard then in that case, you can just charge the trimmer for approx 5 minutes and it will be able to get the one full beard trim.

3. Cordless:

As a matter of fact, this well functioning trimmer works only if after getting full charged. It doesn’t offer a corded system.

You will have to charge the battery after using this trimmer so that you can use that next time.

By the way, that 5 min plug n charge and then trim system will help you in the case of not enough time.

4. Water-resistant Body:

Yes! you heard it right…

In terms of maintaining hygiene, it is designed with water-resistant so that after using this trimmer (trimming of beard, body hair or hair on private parts), you can rinse the blades and body too.

According to the product guide, it can be used in the shower. Although, I won’t recommend doing this for long moments.

5. Length Setting Comb:

There are 8 different types of combs provided for the purpose of setting, trimming or maintaining the length of the beard, hair and body hair.

The all resistant combs are:

  • 3 Combs of 9, 12 and 16 mm for settings of the hair.
  • 2 Combs of 1 & 2 mm for grooming of stubble beard.
  • 1 comb of 3-6 mm for beard trimming.
  • 2 comb of 3 & 5 mm for body grooming.

Whether you want to groom your body hair or style your beard, these combs are such a useful kind of tool or clip.

6. Multipurpose Use:

As we all know that this trimmer is specially designed for beard trimming which is altogether true.

Philips MG7715 Multipurpose Trimmer

But, what if I say that this personal care appliance can be used as a body grooming product and nose and ear trim.

Along with resistant combs, the kinds of kits such as body shaver and a nose and ear trim are also offered with the trimmer.

Just attach the body shaver clip and use it as body grooming. It is able to give you almost clean shave (0.05mm of trimming).

Similarly, a nose and ear trimmer will work.

7. Warranty:

After purchasing this Philips cordless trimmer you will be offered 2 years of decent period of warranty.

Upon registering on the Website of Philips, the warranty period will be extended for 1 more year.

The review of Philips Mg7715 is completed. I have explained everything regarding this product. I hope, you must have gained some knowledge about this Philips beard trimmer.

Final Words:

Male Grooming is important because it
develop the personality, boost the confidence and gives a well attractive look.

I would strongly recommend you to go with this product because it has a lot of good features and from performance aspects, it is something that you are looking for.

A person having a unique and fresh look beard and hairstyle can be attractive and looks confident as compared to a normal person. Even, they are noticed by people. Especially, the women want to friendship with them.

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