Powermax TDM 100m review – Value For Money Product?

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In today’s article, we would be discussing the Powermax TDM 100m Review.

Along with that, we will try to cover every single detail such as its features, function, pros and cons and conclusion.

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If you want to look for a highly stable, long-lasting and super performance treadmill then it must fit for various purposes…

If you are a guy like me who want to keep your body and mind altogether fit and active then my viewpoint would be – you are good to go with this treadmill.

Let’s dive into the product review…

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Powermax TDM 100m Review

You must be thinking that why I am reviewing this treadmill apart from other home or commercial treadmills.

Powermax Fitness TDM 100m treadmill

My simple words would be I have personally Checked and used this treadmill and found that it suits better for the purpose of home use.

[Although, For gym use, a lot of treadmills are available in the market with high HP motor. You can buy this treadmill for the gym after checking its motor and functions. Things are up to you.]

Let us have a look at the function and unique specifications…

1. Build Quality:

The material used in the manufacturing of its frames is Alloy steel which is quite strong and durable. Due to that, it is able to support a body weight of 105 kg.

2. Speed:

This Powermax fitness tdm-100m treadmill offers a speed of 0.8-14.8 kph which is quite suitable for domestic use. The ideal speed range is good and the main thing is the speed depends upon the motor power and type.

3. Running Deck:

The dimensions of the running deck are 1260X430 mm suitable for every height or weight person. You won’t feel uncomfortable during a workout or running session.

4. Inclination:

It is also an important point to check because the inclination function is a must-have feature which should be provided by the company.

It offers the manual inclination of 6 levels. Performing on inclined surface help to burn more calories and for cardiovascular health it is great.

5. Foldable function:

It offers a soft drop hydraulic folding system. By using that you can fold the treadmill and save a lot of space in your home. For domestic use, this function is superb.

6. Motor:

There is a 2.0 HP of powerful DC motor is installed inside the treadmill that provides a smooth and silent operation.

It is an electric treadmill or I would say corded electric base treadmill. Do check the cost of electricity consumption.

7. Controlling Panels:

In the controlling section, all buttons are provided for user convenience.

Besides, a 5 inch LED display is installed to track the process such as speed, distance, calories and pulses.

8. Safety Key:

The safety Key function is also provided in the treadmill that allows us to force stop the treadmill. This system is provided for the person who wants to stop the treadmill if he starts losing control while running.

9. Multifunctional:

The two kinds of equipment such as Massager and sit up are provided. With help of these equipments, we can do some more exercise and boost our progress.

10. Warranty:

The warranties on this product are provided by the company are:

3 years warranty on the motor and 1 year on spares.

11. Pulse rate measurements:

It tends to measure pulse rate with help of its function. All you have to do is to place the palm of your hand on the sensor, it will start the readings.

These were the review of Powermax TDM 100 m with buying guides. Do you find it helpful?

Let us move to the pros n cons…

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Powermax TDM 100m Review – Pros n Cons

  • 2.0 HP DC noiseless and heavy-duty motor
  • Manual Inclination up to 6 level
  • High-quality alloy and stainless steel materials are used
  • Speed up to 15 kph
  • Multifunctional: Massager and sit-ups
  • Support up to 105 kilograms
  • Black colour
  • Speakers, bottles and phone holders
  • Safety key
  • Soft drop hydraulic folding function
  • Suitable dimensions of the running deck
  • Heart rate measurements
  • 3+1 years of warranty
  • Speakers are not of good quality
  • The inclination should be auto

Few words before wrapping up

Our post on Powermax TDM 100m review is completed. My few words would be that Powermax is a trusted brand known for manufacturing many types of health or exercising equipment.

They are also good at providing the best to best DC motorised treadmill. By keeping in mind you must look at this Treadmill thoroughly and can make a decision to purchase this treadmill.

This totally multifunctional treadmill has a lot of helpful and convenient features that help us in the running, walking or jogging session.

What do you think about this product? Let us know below…

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