7+ Best Weight Machine For Body Weight In India – January 2022

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In today’s world, most health-conscious peoples follow their fitness journey strictly. Some have the aim of weight loss and some work very hard for muscle gains.

It is a great thing for those people and I hope, even you will be included in that wonderful journey. 

In this post, I am gonna tell you about which are the best weighing scale in India 2021,

And what is the importance of this device in our daily life, also its amazing feature and what’s my honest opinion about this product?

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7 Best Weight Machine For Body Weight In India 2021

Basically, The lists of weighing scales that I am going to share with you, are available at affordable ranges and has high-performance technology. Even, these products have satisfied a lot of customers with their features. let us have a look at these products one by one.

Let’s dive in.

Healthgenie Thick tempered Digital Weighing Scales Review

best weighing machine for body weight

Speaking of this product, it is a very popular brand in the Indian market because of its satisfactory performance. Also, it is my first recommended product that you can get under somewhere between 1k. 

This health genie digital Weighing device comes with a load capacity of 180 kg and 1.5V AAA volt batteries so that you can use this for a long time. When it comes to device accuracy, the least count of this device is 50 gm and it has an inbuilt G sensor.

Along with these features, it has many great specifications like – Anti-skid platform, low battery and overload indicator, auto on/off, and room temperature sensor. You can also use it as a bathroom weighing scale.

  • Light weight & High accurate
  • Auton on/off
  • Impressive design
  • Anti skid surface
  • Less fluctuation
  • Easy to Use
  • Reading fluctuates rarely

Hoffen H-18 Digital Weighing Scales Review

best digital weighing scale india 2021

The second product includes in this list is Hoffen H-18, which helps you to track your body weight on the daily basis, so that you can easily achieve your muscle gain/fat loss journey. 

This device is built of hard tempered glass, has better durability so you can easily store it without worrying. Self-item weight is 1.2kgs and the total capacity load is almost 180 kgs.

Speaking of accuracy in this device, it has pre-installed the feature of High precision strain gauge. It is available in 3 measurement units, delivers your body weight in Kgs, Pounds & lbs.

Along with this, it comes with 2AAA batteries, a temperature sensor, auto on/off features, an LCD, and an anti-skid mechanism.

You can use this in the gym, clinic, yoga class, and also for your home. After observing these specifications, we found that the Hoffen H-18 weighing scale include in the best weighing scale in India

  • Low Battery indicator
  • Inbuilt G Sensor
  • Auto on/off
  • 3 measurments units
  • Sturdy tempered glass
  • Accuracy & long lasting
  • Not found

Healthsense dura glass PS 115 weighing scale Review

cheapest weighing machine

Want to buy a fancy-designed, durable, and quality performance weighing scale, then this health sense ps – 115 is for you. Horizontally strip design on the surface, glass material body, and curved edges in this product multiply its looks. It has an anti-skid glass surface, so it will prevent you from slippery.

Although, it comes with a precision G sensor to take care of its accuracy and better monitoring. It has inbuilt many more features like- room temperature, weight display in modes (kg/lbs), low battery sign, and many more. There is blue light smart display installed in it, where you can see all these signs, modes, and temperatures.

It is easy to store devices and the weight of the product is 1.4 kgs. The Minimum & maximum weight capacity is 5 – 180 kgs. Another best product that fits perfectly in your budget and is also the best option in this list of best weighing scales 2021.

  • Anti skid surface with curve edge
  • Accurate reading
  • Auto on/off
  • G sensor installed
  • Room temp & batt overload indicator
  • Professional look
  • Positive response from customers
  • Not found

Dr Trust Electronic Platinum Digital Personal Weighing Machine Review

best weighing scale brand

Dr Trust provides best-selling weighing machines and many more health devices. It is a very popular brand in India.

When it comes to accuracy, durability & easy to store, then this product is surely for you. Also, it has some extra features that you need to know.

This ultra-slim & durable product is made with the strongest 6mm glass with grey colour mix finishing. The weight of this product is 1.3kgs and load capacity is 180 kgs which are too good. Stylish design & good functional device is easy to store and suits well in your room.

The great thing about this device’s accuracy is it has an Accu G – sensor and LCD screen where you can see your body weight in numbers with decimal while stepping on the platform.

Moreover, It comes with amazing internal features like- accurate reading, auto on/off, temperature sensors, overload indicator, rechargeable 500mah, and blue LCD, where you can see everything like – weight, room temperature, and indicators. For charging purposes, an inbuilt USB port is available.

Taking care of safety purposes, the surface of the device is anti-skid to prevent a slippery and smooth curve edge, which makes this device perfect. Another great option for you is to get the best weight machine for tracking your body weight.

  • Instant step on technology
  • Auto On/Off
  • Accuracy with two decimal points
  • Low battery indicator
  • Rechargable battery
  • Durable surface with blue LCD
  • Anti skid & round corner edge
  • Easy to store
  • Few people are complaing about variation

These were some good options in the list of weighing scales that you can purchase for use in a gym, home, or clinic.  

Keep reading the post to know, more amazing features and highly functional devices. These types of scales may available in the high range (not too expensive) because of their features, accuracy, and design. 

Let’s dive in…

Active X Australia Savy Plus Digital weighing Machine Review

best weighing machine india 2021

Everyone wants a weighing scale which has very smart features, glossy glass look and along with fat measurement, also helps to measure various parameters like body fat percentage, BMI, body water & protein. But the shocking thing about this device is, it helps to measure 14 body parameters. Isn’t it great? 

If you also want to get this device, then you should know about the detailed specification, which is given below. 

Active X weight machine made of sturdy glass with perfect finishing. It is designed in a better way to get better results with accuracy. This easy to use & store device is capable enough to measure 14 types of body parameters. 

[ Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Body Water, BMR, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Mass Metabolic Age, Body Weight, Bone Mass, Protein.]

Along with these features, the internal features come with Instant Bluetooth connectivity, G sensors, lithium-ion battery (rechargeable), modes in kg/lbs/pounds, USB charging port & many more.  The total capacity is 180Kgs and has a capacity of 0.05gram. 

  • High precision & advanced sensors are installed
  • Measures 14 parameters including body weight
  • Shows weight in 3 mode
  • Fast bluetooth connectivity
  • Anti skid surface with astounding look
  • Warranty & customer service is awesome
  • Not found any systematic error

Healthsense BS 171 Digital Weighing Scales Review

best cheapest digital weight machine

The next product in this list is Healthsense BS 171, which is again a best & smart weight machine. This device has the almost same feature, as compared to Active X.

Needless to say, that it would be a high functionality device but however, we have to know everything about this. Let us know the specification and build quality.

Healthsense bs 171 device is made with tough glass and has a sturdy surface. Speaking of its design, as we can see it has grey colour with 4 rectangular shapes at corners, that is looking very sophisticated. An anti-skid platform is also provided for safety purposes.

This ultramodern device can measure 13 body parameters including body weight, with BIA technology. [They are [Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Body Water, BMR, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Mass Metabolic Age, Body Weight, Bone Mass, Protein] 

To provide strong accuracy, it comes with inbuilt 4 precision sensors, which is again a better technology, because accuracy is the most important thing in a weighing machine as compared to other features.

A very special feature is added to this device which is Baby Mode. With help of this mode, you can track the weight of your baby. But how?? Here’s it is-

1. Set this device in “baby mode”, 
2. Hold your cute baby in your hand.  
3. Now, Step on this device. 
4. And, you will get your baby weight. 

Shocked or not? Isn’t it amazing!!

Some more awesome technology includes – Bluetooth connectivity, 2XAA batteries, USB port, precision g sensors, BIA technology, and electrode & measurements units in Kg/lbs/St. 

This health sense BS 171 is another amazing choice under the best weighing machine for body weight in India and surely you can use as bathroom scales, gym, home or anywhere. Also, use it whenever you want and store it anywhere.

  • Check 13 Parameters with BIA technology
  • 4 Precision G sensors for accuracy
  • Durable & Sophisticated
  • Synced easily with fitness app
  • Highly Durable
  • Baby Mode Features
  • BIA technology might be dissapointed

Powermax Fitness BCA – 130 Digital Weight Machine Review 

best weight machine under 1500

Who doesn’t want a weighing scale which provides essential body parameters, along with bodyweight? In this case, power max fitness is a device that comes under the list of best digital weighing machines/scales in India.

[Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Body Water, BMR, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Mass Metabolic Age, Body Weight, Bone Mass, Protein]

Top features include a High precision G sensor for exact accuracy, Bluetooth connectivity, clear red LCD display, capable enough to measure 13 body composition with dual BIA technology, cloud-based data storage & Measuring your body weight in three modes – kg, lb & st. 3 X AA batteries are inside this device which can last up to a month.

It is built of 6mm thick and tough glass, anti-skid surface for safety purpose, stunning look with black colour & easy to use n store device. The maximum user capacity is 180kgs and is suitable for people whose age is in between 10-80 years.

  • Gauge Sensor System for high accuracy
  • Measures 13 Body Parameters
  • Show your Body weight in 3 modes
  • Easily synced with fitness app
  • 180 KG max user capacity
  • Step power ON Technology
  • Sometimes it doesnt give accurate reports

Eventually, these were some more ultra-modern devices that have advanced features that help to measure 13-14 essential body parameters, along with bodyweight. 

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My strong recommendation would be – if your budget allows then you should definitely go with these advanced weight machines. 

Now, let us know some more about the weighing scale:

Why do we need a weighing scale?

A weighing scale should be available in everyone’s home because, during this journey, we strictly glue to a healthy meal with a fixed amount of calories and a lot of workouts. But sometimes, to full fill our cravings, we start consuming heavy junk food and high-liquid calorie drinks such as soda fruit beer and soft drinks. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the weight machine then the job of a weighing scale is to provide a daily report of our body weight. On the fitness Journey, when we start having an unhealthy meal then it starts increasing the mass.

In such a situation, By tracking our body weight on the daily basis, we can notice our increased weight that happened because of having that junk food. Thereby, we again start following a healthy diet.

According to health experts,

Weighing yourself on the daily basis can help to develop a habit of weight control and a mindset like a healthy person.

Let’s start with the proper buying guide, in-depth on how to choose the best performance weighing scale in India.

Weighing Scale Buying guide India 2021

If you want to purchase a durable and high accuracy weighing scale then make sure to look at some speciality of the device, which has been listed below.

Load Capacity:

Make sure to check the load capacity of that particular product before purchasing. If you won’t check weight capacity then it can be broken due to being overweight. 

If your main purpose is to use a weighing scale for home, clinic, or gym then from my viewpoint, you should go with a normal weighing scale that is capable enough to measure weight between 5 – 180 kgs.


Accuracy is the very first or most important thing in weighing scales. A weight scale that is not able to provide accurate data is useless at all. Many devices come with accuracy-based sensors.

Some brand claims that the devices which have an inbuilt feature of High Precision, Strain-gauge sensors, then it is capable to give accurate measurements.

Least count:

The least count of weighing scale must be or less than 50 grams so that you can get better accuracy with less fluctuation in each & every time.

Anti-skid surface and support:

Whenever you step your foot on the Anti-skid surface, it prevents you from slipping. The surface of the device must be anti-skid for safety purposes. Along with this, even support should be available under rubber padding so that it could not skid.

Auto on/off features: 

The weighing scale should come with an inbuilt feature of automatic on/off, so that, there is no need to press the start button repeatedly and turn it on automatically, whenever you step foot on the surface.

And another advantage of this feature is it can be suitable for clinic use. Because doctors have to measure the body weight of every patient repeatedly. In this situation, because of the sensor system and auto features, there is no need to press the button with your finger.

Platform size:

The platform size of the weighing scale varies by brand and range. In my opinion, it should be between 25 – 30 cms. Check yourself according to your foot size.

Low Battery & Overload Indicator: 

If the device is running low on battery or it is being overloaded from unwanted weight then in both conditions, the indicator would careful you.

Room temperature sensor: 

This feature enables you to display the current temperature of your room. 


LCD must be designed in such a way that we could see the appears reading clearly. The LCD screen should be rectangular and not too small. 

Some smart features:

The cheapest weighing scales can measure only your body weight but the expensive one has amazing smart features & technology. Let’s have a look at some features:

1. Connecting features with your smartphone via Bluetooth 

2. Along with body weight, it also measures 12-15 types of essential body parameters.

3. Inbuilt smart sensors & BIA technology to measure your parameters with accuracy.

4. Sync perfectly with Google fit, Fitbit app, or Apple fit application.

Some important information:

Apart from these features, many more specifications are available in the weighing scale, but, in my opinion, you should focus on the important points, which has listed above. 

Smart features are available in advance weighing scales, on the other hand, a normal scale is capable to measure only body weight. So, you can either go with an advanced weighing scale or with the normal one. it totally depends on you.

These were some features, that help to make you understand and to choose quality one while purchasing the best weighing scale.

What is a weighing machine? Difference between analogue and digital weighing machine

The weight machine is an instrument that is used to measure the weight of a person and any object too. 

Nowadays, many types of modern weighing scales are being launched to measure the mass of objects and a person. These give very accurate data compared to old-style weight devices.

7+ Best Weight Machine For Body Weight In India - January 2022

However, For this topic, I would like to compare the working principle between modern (Digital) and traditional (Analog) weighing scales briefly.

Old style weighing scale:

These traditional weighing scales have been used for centuries. Even, In hospitals and other medical clinics, these are used at present to measure the weight of patients. 

Basically, These scales work on the principles of Hooke’s law. When we step on the surface of the scale then the load distributes through the metal plates on the bars, which is equipped inside the scale. This whole activity moves down and stretches the spring. Thus, we can see our weight on the needle. 

There is no battery, sensor system or advanced devices attached inside the analog machine. Thereby, it can be called old or traditional weighing scales. 

Advanced or Digital weight scale:

Having a digital weighing scale has become the trend nowadays. Besides, these are very helpful for someone who is health-conscious. Even, the data which is provided by this device is considered more accurate than analog. 

These advanced weighing instruments work on a strain gauge system & load cell sensor. When we stand on the flat surface then our body weight distributes on a load cell sensor and even, that load generates the voltage with help of a microcontroller. Thereby, it is able to show you the reading in a digital way.

Interestingly, These days the modern weighing scales are being launched with many types of new technology that can calculate -Visceral Fat, Body Water, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, BMR, Metabolic Age along with bodyweight. It can be high priced but the features which are provided by the brands is next level. It can measure up to 3-180 kgs.

These were the comparison between analogue vs digital weighing machines. 

How to use a modern weighing machine to check all parameters?

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

1. Firstly, you have to connect this device with your phone via Bluetooth.

2. Secondly, Install any one app, among these Google fit, Fitbit app or Apple fit, On your smartphone.

3. Thirdly, Proceed to some register & login options and add your details like gender, body weight, age & height etc.

4. Now, step your foot on the device and it will show all body parameters in that app.

Important Notes:

0. Best time to measure your body weight is in the morning, empty stomach.

1. Place your weight machine on the flat and tough surface to get accurate data.

2. Keep the apps running while stepping on the machine.

3. Some device fails to show exact body parameters, whose age is below 18.

Best Weighing Scale / Machine Brand In India

1. Healthgenie
2. Powermax
3. Dr Trust
4. Healthsense
5. Active X
6. Hoffen 
7. Omron

Important tips related to weighing scale

1. Pregnant women should avoid using this device.

2. Do not use if you are in medical conditions.

3. Only adults can use modern scales for better results. It does not give accurate data of someone who is under 15.

4. Don’t use this device, if your feet are wet because you can slip off from the platform and even, internal parts of devices could be damaged such as sensors or lighting LED systems.

5. Step barefoot on the device. With shoes, it won’t be able to give proper measure. 

6. After using this device, sanitize the platform properly and keep it well in the right place.

How to know if the weighing scale is accurate?

Here’s the Step by step to check the accuracy of your weighing machine:

1. Firstly, take a packet of grain or something that weighs 10 or 15 kgs and place it on the device.

2.  If your device provided accurate results successfully. Congrats.

3. Now, it’s time to re-check the device with your body weight.

4. Weight yourself continuously 2 – 3 times and check whether it is giving accurate data every time or not.

5. If yes then the machine is working perfectly but if not then contact customer care. 

Final Words:

1. From my viewpoint, having a weighing scale helps you to track your body weight and essential parameters, which is quite surprising.

2. Moreover, it will help you a lot during your muscle gain & fat loss journey. You will be able to track your weight on the daily basis.

3. Although, some advanced weighing scales may be expensive but the features, they provide are truly incredible. From my perspective, it is value for money.

4. Make sure to keep safety information in your mind as well as how to use instructions, while using it. 

5. Last word before wrap up, smart and ordinary weighing machine, both have their own features, you should go according to your choice.

6. Out of all the best weight machine for body weight which one surprised you the most. let me know below.


Q. Which weight machine is good?

Digital Weighing Machines are far better than analog Machine because digital machines have inbuilt feature of High precision strain Gauge sensors, which is quite good in order to provide an accurate reading.

Q. Can a weighing scale be wrong?

The cheap quality of products may have poor accuracy and also they fluctuate each and every time. So, before purchasing any weighing scale, make sure to check their specifications and features.

Q. When should I track my weight?

The best time to weigh yourself is, in the early morning with an empty stomach.

Thanks for giving your valuable time. Have a nice day.

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